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Feeding birds

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Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one!!
15/Jan/14 9:42 AM
Love and best wishes June
15/Jan/14 11:36 AM
Yes June we will be there, I will contact you closer to the day about times and other things.
17/Jan/14 6:55 AM
June I want to visit your garden!
Thank you for my birthday wishes - it was hot - 43*. Hope you have a lovely day!
09/Feb/14 9:25 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, June! They are greatly appreciated!
Have some chocolate cake:
14/Feb/14 3:00 PM
for the wishes, June! I think very highly of you, too!
18/Feb/14 4:41 PM
for the birthday wishes, June!
Looking at the bird feeding photo on your page makes me want to crawl through this screen and have a seat in your lovely garden! My yard is under yet another blanket of snow. The unending winter strikes again!
Messages from nice people like you are certainly a warm spot!
04/Mar/14 5:08 AM
Hey June, thank you for the birthday wishes! I've had a very quiet day, but we'll be partying on the weekend. :D
04/Mar/14 10:05 AM
Thanks for a lovely afternoon, June!
Belated birthday wishes, June. I was interrupted along the way & didn't get back!! Sorry!
31/Mar/14 9:44 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June

Loved the Kathy & Jane photos here and over there (FB)looks like a good time had by all!
03/Apr/14 8:06 PM
Some lovely photos of K&J's visit. Thank you for sharing them, June.
05/Apr/14 7:56 PM
Hello June - I read your comment the other day about the movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I've been waiting for it to show here in Albany, probably will from this Thursday, and I had intended going to see it. I noticed in our Sunday Times that they gave it a good credit rating.
Is it worth going to see, do you think?
15/Apr/14 6:53 PM
June - thanks for replying about my query to the movie. When it's here I will go and see it and let you know what I think of it.
16/Apr/14 7:36 PM
Hello June - so glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling a lot better. I hope it continues to improve and your next shoulder responds well to the treatment as well.
30/Apr/14 2:23 PM
Hi June,
So pleased to read from Anne's post above, that your shoulder is starting to show some relief from pain.
I hope that you get the same result with the other one too. Is Ken's problem any better now ? He was a brave man at the''DO'' on the 30th, he cooked us a great meal, but it must have been hard for him.
Best Wishes to you both,
04/May/14 5:38 PM
Hello June - well, I finally got to see the movie now that the school holidays and children's movies have all been on.
It was certainly a strange movie and I sort of enjoyed it. There were certainly some very funny parts in it but also some quite macabre parts, not to mention the 'other' parts. More...
08/May/14 10:15 PM
Thank you June, for your words of comfort. I tried to send you a P.M. but as usual that part of the site 'doesn't like me'.
09/May/14 2:30 PM
June, for the birthday wishes! I had a very nice time celebrating with my hubby, two very good friends - plus all my added 'friends' at the Indianapolis 500 raceway! What a giant 'party'! It was a fabulous day for a race and a fabulous day for a birthday! I bought a race t-shirt since it was held on the actual day of my birthday this year!
28/May/14 7:07 AM
So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are back to good health soon.
30/May/14 1:24 AM
June, sorry you are not getting sleep even with the pills. I have the results of my MRI, seems like I will have surgery. I have a torn rotator cuff, also a cyst of some sort. I see the surgeon on Monday, will know more then.
03/Jun/14 12:43 PM
June, for the Birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. It was made even better hearing from my Sudoku friends.
25/Jul/14 9:46 AM
Hi, June. I just got your message. But my birthday is in December. I think your saw that I was online here, which is in the block underneath today's b-days. No members have a b-day today! But thanks for thinking of me anyway! I'm glad your shoulder pain has lessened. I hope you don't need surgery.
20/Aug/14 10:00 AM
Hi June and Ken, Hearty congratulations on 51years together. Have a great day celebrating !
October is a lovely month for weddings. (My own was on 25th - MANY years ago)
19/Oct/14 11:58 AM
Congratulations, to you and Ken and thank you for being a great example.
20/Oct/14 2:55 AM
Hi June, I just saw your post about overproof rum. I have never heard that term, what does it mean?
Hope your cold/cough is better.
11/Dec/14 6:05 AM
Hi June. I just want to wish you and all your loved ones a happy festive season. Merry Christmas, and Peace.
24/Dec/14 2:16 AM
24/Dec/14 3:23 PM
Thank you for your lovely card. Wishing you Health and Happiness during this Festive Season.
25/Dec/14 8:01 AM
Happy New Year, June to you and your family
01/Jan/15 2:54 AM
Came to your page to express my delight over your Kookaburras introducing their babies to you & Laura ... I always consider such a visit a major vote of confidence from the birds; of course they are really just visiting for the 'hand-out'! Hope you had a good day with Laura.
10/Jan/15 1:05 AM
Wow - and now I'm back having just read the end of yesterday's comments - so sorry to read about your very long day at the reptile park with Laura ...& its nasty conclusion! Hope today dawns with no lingering pain while the swelling goes down; eventually you'll graduate to a less confining brace. More...
10/Jan/15 2:03 AM
June - so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you mend quickly and painlessly.
10/Jan/15 11:33 AM
Best wishes for a very , June. I hope you have a great day with family and friends.
15/Jan/15 12:43 AM

I hope your healing is going well and you enjoy your day, June!
15/Jan/15 1:45 AM
Happy Birthday June, have a wonderful day even if it's only one handed .💓🎂☕️
15/Jan/15 5:27 AM
to a fellow Capricorn, have a wonderful day June!
15/Jan/15 7:24 AM

Enjoy your special day and your family time.
15/Jan/15 7:53 AM
Have a great day,
15/Jan/15 9:08 AM
Happy Birthday, June. I don't often get on the Sudoku pages anymore. I must make a resolution for this new year that I will visit more often! At any rate, have a wonderful year. And may your broken arm heal rapidly!
16/Jan/15 3:14 PM
June, have a wonderful trip to Machu Picchu in September! Let me know how you liked it! (It's one of my travel goals when hubby retires.)
22/Jan/15 2:37 AM
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