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Great news about your hips giving you a little more mobility. Before you know it, you will be running rings around the rest of us!
Sending you best wishes ♥
13/Dec/09 6:10 PM
Dear MizTricial.
Wishing all of you
A very "Merry Christmas"
A very "Happy New Year"
With my best wishes to you.
21/Dec/09 4:53 PM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

22/Dec/09 9:39 PM
23/Dec/09 12:43 AM
Hi Tricia. I wanted to stop by and send my seasons greetings to you and all you care for! May your lives be full of happiness and peace through the yuletide season and throughout the coming year!
23/Dec/09 5:33 AM
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
24/Dec/09 4:20 AM
and More...
24/Dec/09 4:25 AM
Merry Christmas Tricia and I hope a better year in 2010 healthwise.
25/Dec/09 6:08 AM
Sweetheart! Won't you be mine???
14/Feb/10 2:30 AM
Happy St. Patty's Day!
Long time no talk, my friend...hope all is well with you and Al.
17/Mar/10 1:59 AM
Please know that I am thinking of you and your family on the sad news of Baby Ian. An angel always to keep in your heart xx
28/Mar/10 12:00 PM
Just hopping by to wish you a very More...
04/Apr/10 2:27 AM
Tricia Wishing you a speedy recovery
24/Apr/10 3:12 PM
Hi Tricia!
I understand you've had surgery on your hand. I hope your recovery is speedy and (relatively) pain free. Follow doctor's orders and take good care of yourself. Let everyone do for you, for a change!
25/Apr/10 5:19 AM
Hey Tricia - just wondering how your appointment went (getting the pins out and cast off). Let me know how your hand is doing if you have a chance.
03/Jun/10 1:30 AM
Happy birthday Tricia. I hope you have a lovely day celebrating.
18/Jun/10 12:21 AM
Happy Birthday, Tricia! I hope your special day is one to be remembered!
18/Jun/10 1:01 AM
Beautiful lady!
Hope you have a wonderful year. Sending love and blessings your way.
18/Jun/10 1:12 AM
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
18/Jun/10 1:15 AM
, Tricia! Hope things are going well for you down there in 'Bama!
18/Jun/10 2:56 AM
Hope you have a lovely day Tricia! xx
18/Jun/10 2:58 AM
Happy birthday (for two days) Tricia! May you have a day and a coming year full of good times, friends and family!
18/Jun/10 5:33 AM
Tricia, hope you have a wonderful day.
18/Jun/10 5:33 AM
Happy Birthday, Tricia!
Enjoy your day(s)
18/Jun/10 6:56 AM
Happy 2-day Sudoku birthday MizT - have a wonderful day whatever you do.
18/Jun/10 9:02 AM
MizTricia, hope you enjoy your special day.
18/Jun/10 10:04 AM
Happy birthday from one tricia to another
18/Jun/10 11:44 AM
enjoy your special day - hope all is well - Take Care, Mary
18/Jun/10 12:21 PM
Happy Birthday Tricia ♥♥♥♥♥

Hope you have a lovely day

Much love Rolanda xx

18/Jun/10 12:34 PM
A very to you, Tricia!
Have a wonderful day.

18/Jun/10 12:43 PM
lovely lady, may this be your best ever
18/Jun/10 4:53 PM
your special day.

18/Jun/10 7:24 PM
Happy Birthday Tricia.
I hope I have still caught THE day If not then hope it was a terrific time and you did something special.
19/Jun/10 12:08 AM
You're welcome! But you ARE a special lady!

We're up in the mountains for the summer, so we're not feeling the Southern California earthquakes. However, this area is volcanic with an active fault line, so daily tremors are part of the package!

Have a great year!
19/Jun/10 3:35 AM
MizT, hope you have a lovely day and are spoilt rotten.
Love and Hugs to you.
19/Jun/10 8:03 AM
Oh, dear! I haven't been keeping an eye on the calendar - just on the grandies, I'm afraid! I hope you had a wonderful with a sugar-free and perhaps some flowers! We know your wave petunias are providing color, in case you didn't receive any cut flowers or a new More...
21/Jun/10 12:16 PM
Thanks Tricia for the Birthday Wishes for my boy Stephen.
20/Jul/10 12:27 PM
Tricia: email sent!
18/Oct/10 1:52 PM
Yes, I did knit the socks. You string all the beads on the yarn before knitting. It is fairly easy to do. They may look delicate but are just as sturdy as any other socks.
01/Nov/10 10:29 AM
Hi MizT,
I just wanted to send season's greetings to you and all your loved ones. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you enjoy the season and have a wonderful time, and my best wishes for a happy new year as well. Take care, enjoy. have fun and know you have friends out there thinking of you. Cheers!
21/Dec/10 8:08 AM
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