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Thanks for visiting! Pick a wild animal species and become its benefactor. I help turtles. Perhaps you might want to save Tassie Devils, or endangered Florida Panthers, or something small and not well known that only lives near you. We humans now impact every living thing... we have a moral obligation to be good stewards.

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Jim!i never saw you for quite sometime..hows things going??trust everything is fine..
09/May/07 12:30 PM
I did not even know my page was up and running! I will add stuff in the future. All is fine in South Florida!
09/May/07 12:43 PM
Hi Jim, here is a nice bottle of our Kinda Snockered Wine, Peach Chardonnay, very tasty! Take care!
10/May/07 6:41 AM
Hi, Jim! Here's a great big Sudoku to your new page and your smiles! (I know you're not new to the site.) I hope you'll enjoy these freshly cut lilacs and a big box of Frango Mints. I'll stop by later when you have settled in.
10/May/07 7:35 AM
Hi J I M
Congratulation to have your own page and happy to visit You with these very beautiful flowes .

You are to my page 'Egyptian Guest House' any and every time you wish.
and have a .
10/May/07 7:41 AM
Hi Jim! So glad you have your own page. How are the fires up your way? - We had a couple of really smoky days but it is rather clear today.
Hope you and your son are doing great.
See you around
11/May/07 10:59 AM
G'day Jim hadn't realised you had signed up and started your own page. Looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful photo's I have been hearing so much about. Let me know when they are up and running, you have my 1900 number. LOL
11/May/07 11:43 AM
Welcome to your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Drop by anytime.
11/May/07 2:20 PM
Hi Jim, welcome to your page. Looks like you need to do some decorating too. Mmmm, what to leave? I think I'll leave you a couple throw pillows and some sugar and carb free brownies (still delicious tho). Enjoy!
11/May/07 10:03 PM
So where is the flag, you know that silly one.... xx Sir Jim enjoy your page xx
12/May/07 10:05 AM
Hi Jim, have brought you some aussie lamingtons, hope you enjoy them without getting too much coconut on your shirt!
[ ] [ ] [ ]

23/May/07 2:46 PM
Hi Jim Thanks for the welcome. I am glad you got to see the new stadium when you were here. but seeing the cards lose must of been a let down for you. I grew up in Ballwin but I am actually across the river now just north east of alton. west county is to crowded now.take care and enjoy your visit to st. louis.
17/Jun/07 11:30 AM
Hi Jimmy, thank you for the page warming gift, but I think its one I'll have to return.
20/Jun/07 10:36 AM
thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot here on site More...
27/Jun/07 7:03 PM
Jim, Just dropping in to say Hi and drop off some Blue Moon beer - Enjoy your weekend and hope you get out to howl, Mary
28/Jun/07 3:17 AM
I work at Edward Hospital and have eatten at Pepe - but mainly go to the Hallmark store next to it. The Thai place is still downtown but Oberweis is gone. Lisle now has a French Market on Saturday mornings - I havn't gotten to it yet - seems to be an upscaled Farmer's market. Eyes More...
01/Jul/07 11:58 PM
Hi Jim. Thanks for stopping by - it was a very pleasant surprise. I tend to be a bit of a hermit on the site these days. Yes, I had a great time on the bar tour. The girls are a great group, and I certainly hope that I will be able to catch up with them all again at some stage. Once again, thanks for popping in!
06/Jul/07 8:15 PM
Hi Jim,

The link to the photo resizer is on the same page that you actually upload the photos. I have added a section down the bottom which takes people through uploading photos.

09/Jul/07 7:45 AM
Hi Jim,

Your photo was there - but the 'old' version of your homepage was still being shown. I'll do a code update today so that when you have submitted photos it shows them straight away.

09/Jul/07 11:10 AM
Hi, Jim! Thanks for stopping by my page! I'll try to get back tomorrow to discuss the coincidences regarding your message to me. Sleep well!
09/Jul/07 4:08 PM
Hi Jim,

I've had a look at the issue that puts the large gap between your bio & the picture gallery picture.

The issue is the HTML that you have inserted. Remove the height=100% in the table definition and you will be fine.

09/Jul/07 6:07 PM
Hi, Jim!
I'm glad you could stop by! I echo your feelings for Macy's, though my experience was much less frustrating/annoying/aggravating/PERSONAL! I really can't think of an appropriate expression for what they did. However, I am sorry for what they put you through!
On a happier note, I can More...
10/Jul/07 6:22 AM
Hi, Jim! The guy on the gurney was cute! Oh, and the guy holding him too. We have a wildlife rescue center nearby which I have taken my students to and have had them bring their outreach program. We're very aware of the damages we inflict on our fellow creatures. You're doing a great job! Not entirely thankless, we in San Pedro, Ca. thank you profusely!
29/Jul/07 12:16 AM
Hey, I never did welcome you properly! My fault, whoa!
Let me do it now. I will leave some California wine , a box of chocolates , and a bouquet to decorate your page!
29/Jul/07 12:19 AM
Hi Jim! Enjoyed seeing your new photo gallery. Best pic, in my opinion, is the one of the HUMAN from Jupiter who does so much to help (and learn about!!!) all the wonderful animals, especially turtles, on our planet. You set a good example for us all.
29/Jul/07 1:40 AM
Jim, I really enjoyed your pictures of wildlife, especially the one taken in St. Louis . One of the princesses was sitting on my lap and enjoying the pictures also.
29/Jul/07 4:53 AM
I'm a little slow getting here, a little turtle like, but I'm here now. I'm really happy to finally be able to put a face with your name and good deeds...Sorry we weren't able to meet while I was in Fla, but hope to make it happen one day. Leaving you a basket of goodies that Philly is famous for: More...
29/Jul/07 6:05 AM
Gday Jim, its lovely to put a face to a name. I think I followed you around the archives for ages before I finally took the plunge to join up and join in the mayhem! I haven't had the chance to look through all your photos because for some reason, my pooter is acting like a sloth today, but as soon More...
29/Jul/07 10:14 AM
Hi Jim, I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Thanks for the invite.
29/Jul/07 10:18 AM
I just came back to look through your photos properly this time. I found out what the pooter problem was...ME!
Your pics are fantastic and you have inspired me to do something for the cause of endangered animals in my area. Since we have lived here, we have seen an echidna stroll More...
29/Jul/07 5:54 PM
Hello Jim, Your pictures are fantastic. I really enjoyed them.
30/Jul/07 9:54 AM
Jim: I just took a look at your gallery. You have taken photos of some of my all time favorites - including the blue crabs. BTW I do not eat them! I think they are gorgeous looking.

(Go ahead. You are not the only one that thinks I'm weird. You should hear my aunts and cousins talk about me. Hubby is used to it, and our kid is a nature lover just like Mom. )
30/Jul/07 1:03 PM
Hi Jim. Great photos!
01/Aug/07 10:04 AM
Jim, on the July 4th shuttle launch pics, thats the Indian River, not the Banana. The Banana is further east, on the other side of Merrit Island. I know, details LOL
02/Aug/07 1:45 AM
Hi Jim,
I saw an Independent film on PBS about a guy who was trying to save endangered turtles, most from Asia where they are caught for food. Can’t remember the name of the film but it was interesting. Last night I saw a documentary PBS made about Texas. Apparently before we joined WW11, More...
11/Aug/07 12:06 AM
Hola! im (you lost your ‘J’) Photographer Extraordinaire! We had lots of fun in Perth, don’t you think the tiaras are a nice touch Eating the marshmallows made me think of Thanksgiving but you have reminded me that Mexican food is still the best I have ever tasted. More...
25/Aug/07 10:21 PM
I Lurve Your most recent pics Thanks for sharing
03/Sep/07 9:46 AM
Butterflies, the symbol of new life and rebirth are fluttering all around Us;
Delicate wings...colours like sky and grass and the earth;
Their flight is a motion of freedom, calmness and beauty;
A Butterfly soars in an existence that is too wonderful for us to comprehend.
Thinking of you at this sad time xxx
19/Sep/07 10:42 PM
"Death is a dialogue between the Spirit and the Dust."
Emily Dickinson

Sorry to hear of your loss Jim. Please take care and hold onto the happy memories...
19/Sep/07 11:22 PM
Dear Jim,
I'm so sorry for your loss. Mom's are one of a kind, irreplaceable. Keep her memories strong for your children and yourself. Keep strong, for in you is her.
23/Sep/07 10:32 AM
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