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Welcome to Sudokuland Ceri.
21/Apr/09 12:27 AM
Haling from the Chicago area, where any type of weather you want is happening today, rain to snow to sunshine is all waiting for you here. Enjoy your time on the site, Mary
21/Apr/09 12:27 AM
to your own page, Ceri!
I'm glad you've joined us!
21/Apr/09 6:38 AM


I am an ex-Adelaidian living east of the border now.
Did you know there is a lunch gathering happening tomorrow More...
21/Apr/09 5:01 PM
Dear Ceri.
You are,


To join our wonderful world of Sudoku and the very best friends of the One family.
22/Apr/09 1:59 AM
Welcome to a fellow Adelaidian. You're not wrong about the ENDLESS sun. Doesn't the thought of cold wet weather seem exhilerating? Anyway, have fun with your own page. and
22/Apr/09 8:39 AM
Thanks for the answer, Ceri. As I was making the comment, I was thinking that the US has gators and Australia (and Africa?) have crocs, but I couldn't understand why they would name a billabong "Alligator". (As I recall, a billabong is some sort of a water feature, only known to me from More...
04/May/09 8:00 AM
The nearest kookaburra was less than a metre from my feet in the second shot ... and my daughter, whose accusatory pointing finger I had to edit out of the corner to square it up, was slightly closer. Cheeky bugger.
19/May/09 5:14 PM
Hi Ceri, sorry I haven't visited you before, but I've hardly been on site this year for lots of reasons!!! I saw you query about resizing photos on Jigsaw today & answered you there, but thought I'd better copy & paste it here in case you didn't get back there!!
Ceri there is a web More...
28/May/09 8:00 AM
Hi Ceri....
I have an iMac. So does Ian of Sydney. He has a lot more experience with sizing photos for this site..... I think a quarter of them here are his. I have a favorite place to size pictures to use as smilies, and to put on my page - www.shrinkpictures.com, but I don't know if it would be any good for submitting photos for the puzzles. Ask Ian.
28/May/09 4:33 PM
Hi Ceri, if you select the photo you wish to resize and click 'Edit', you will see the option to crop, down in the bottom of the frame, next to the 'Rotate' command. If you click on Crop, it gives you a choice of crop sizes and down near the bottom of the list is 'Square'.
Having squared the More...
28/May/09 11:53 PM
Ceri, the instructions were written in the middle of the night - I hope they make sense. Please do let me know if you have any problems.
29/May/09 5:56 AM
One last thing Ceri, I forgot to tell you that we are off tomorrow for a bit of a holiday and won't be back until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. So please don't think I am ignoring you if I fail to reply to one of your queries, it's just that I have pulled down the periscope for a couple of days for a bit of R & R.
29/May/09 7:29 AM
Finally (unless you ask a question), I notice that you acknowledge your Welsh origins. My wife, Anne's parents retired to Wales many years ago. We visited your lovely country many times to spend holidays with them. Unfortunately, they have both passed on, but their remains are resting in a beautiful hillside cemetery overlooking the Aberdovey golf course. I have a deep fondness for Wales.
29/May/09 7:44 AM
Hi Ceri - where are the photos? Do you still have some difficulties?
03/Jul/09 5:38 AM
Ceri, I haven't properly welcomed you to Sudokuland.
I saw you comment on the jigsaw about what time of day it is. I always think of dark as night and light as day. I know overly simplistic.
02/Oct/09 1:21 AM

Ceri, I posted this on Easy but I don't know if you'll see it there.

I've had the same thing happen. It usually starts after I've accidentally clicked on the "erase" block (the blank block on the far left of the selection row beneath the puzzle itself), and then touched a More...
05/Oct/09 3:03 AM
Hi Ceri!

I saw your comment on the jigsaw. Isn't it interesting how the parental professions affect us?! We took dad to Temora for his 70th because he's a retired aircraft maintenance engineer. As a direct result of this upbringing there are a limited number of airlines I am prepared to fly with and there are no budget airlines among them!

17/Oct/09 3:47 PM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

22/Dec/09 10:50 PM
Happy Birthday Ceri! Hope your day is special!
20/Apr/10 12:32 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
And ...Iechyd da!
20/Apr/10 1:10 AM
Hi Ceri, and happy birthday!

My first time visiting, so I'll leave a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Canada as a belated page warming gift. Have you emigrated from Wales to Australia? Cheers!
20/Apr/10 3:08 AM
enjoy your day - mary
20/Apr/10 6:22 AM
Hello Ceri! Happy Birthday to you! I hope your special day is one to be remembered!!!!

20/Apr/10 8:19 AM
Ceri, I hope the sun shines on your special day
20/Apr/10 10:33 AM
Hello Ceri - goodness me, it looks like I've never paid you a visit before and you've been here for about 18months. I don't see you comment on the site so didn't realise you still visited.
Thank you for visiting my page and photo gallery and your lovely comments. Broome certainly is a lovely place to visit, and the whole Kimberely region was amazing.
Kind regards
02/Nov/10 7:33 PM
Dear Ceri.


Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year 2011.

16/Dec/10 4:19 PM
Hi Ceri,
I just wanted to send season's greetings to you and all your loved ones. I know you probably celebrate Christmas, so I hope you enjoy the season and have a wonderful time, and my best wishes for a happy new year as well. Take care, enjoy, have fun and know you have friends out there thinking of you. Cheers!
21/Dec/10 12:20 PM
How lovely. Thank you. And the same greetings to you and yours--we are expecting a 34C day for Christmas and a nephew has asked for a 'traditional' meal--so out with the playfulness of paella or something else more unusual of the last few years and in with oysters followed by turkey with all the More...
21/Dec/10 12:51 PM
Ceri, just dropping in to say what a pleasure it was to meet you. I had a great time, and truly appreciated you taking us in hand, otherwise I think the night might have disappeared in a cloud of chatter! The food was wonderful, and the company even better.
I hope I will have the chance to spend time with you again.
28/Jan/11 12:15 AM
Thanks Gail and ditto. It was a very pleasant evening and I enjoyed meeting you and hearing a little about your life. Hope the rest of your time in SA is pleasing and I look forward to the next event. Go well.
28/Jan/11 12:23 AM
Ceri, thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts. We are very much upset here, but as I have stressed all day, we are fine. We had great joy for almost two months and I am so happy to have had that time.
Thanks for keeping us/me in your thoughts.
06/Apr/11 12:37 PM
Ceri! I hope you have a wonderful day and blessings throughout the coming year
20/Apr/11 12:36 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Ceri!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
20/Apr/11 6:04 AM
Hi Ceri. Do you still lurk in the background on the site? I hope so, as if you do, you'll see my birthday message to you. I hope you have a super birthday filled with fun. Cheers!
20/Apr/11 6:45 AM
Thinking of you on your special day. Warren and I hope you have a wonderful day.

20/Apr/11 9:02 AM
Ceri, hugs and best wishes
20/Apr/11 12:15 PM
Dear Ceri, to you. I am so glad I got on line this evening. I would have missed your birthday! It is 11;30 P. here and I guess I had better turn out the lights and turn down the covers. Hugs to you and may the coming year be full of wonder and delights.
20/Apr/11 2:29 PM
Hi Ceri, I know you were interested in the details for the Melbourne Chrissy gathering, and now is the time we need to make the confirmation call for final numbers. Are you hoping to join us, and if yes, how many would you be?
Looking forward to hearing from you,
06/Nov/11 8:11 PM
Ceri, have a great day
20/Apr/12 12:14 AM
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