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Welcome to my page.  It probably won't get updated that often, but I'll try as long as the children cooperate.


Hey Look! -An Update


New Picture

November 22th, 2016


This is the result of a football bet.  He told his team

that he would cut his hair if they won the last three

games of the season.  They finished the season 4-2.


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And as an added birthday present, welcome to a new page!
29/Nov/08 5:47 AM


All my best wishes to you and have a very special happy Day.
29/Nov/08 6:56 AM
to you, Serena! I hope you have a wonderful day!
29/Nov/08 8:00 AM
Serena, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
29/Nov/08 8:29 AM
Here comes the cake!
Wishing you happiness today and always.
29/Nov/08 8:44 AM

to you
to you
dear Serina
to you

29/Nov/08 12:03 PM
Its been awhile since I was here, and your little boy is now a big boy...but still cute as a button.
Hope your birthday is full of all the joy and good times you can dream of. May you have many more. More...
29/Nov/08 3:49 PM
Hope you have the best birthday ever.
29/Nov/08 4:43 PM

Hope your day is full of love, laughter and happiness, best wishes.
29/Nov/08 6:41 PM
Serena, a very to you.

Have a truly wonderful day.
29/Nov/08 10:18 PM
I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. I felt a little guilty yesterday when I opened my email and saw all of the messages especially considering how long it has been since I've been here. In my defense I'm just busy and tired. I’m taking classes, homeschooling my son, working two part time jobs, doing normal household stuff and if that wasn’t enough I’m 25 weeks pregnant.
30/Nov/08 12:15 AM
Hey, it's great to see you again! You were missed! Ooooh, does the photos above mean that Zack and Elijah are going to be big brothers? How wonderful! Although now with two boys to care for AND being pregnant doesn't quite go together well. Do be careful and have a wonderful 2009 with baby making five! Have you picked out a name yet?
30/Nov/08 3:45 AM
Hey I wished you a Happy Birthday but it's on easy page of November 29!!! (ah, Australian time) But here goes on US time!
to you,
to you,
dear Serena!
to More...
30/Nov/08 3:47 AM
And for the second celebration...

You seem to have added a few more photos since I was here yesterday. on the impending new More...
30/Nov/08 5:41 AM
Oh Serena...such wonderful news....Congratulations....but do take it easy while you can. That being said however,Hope you can fit in an occassional visit to update us to how things are going with you....
Happy thoughts for you and the baby.
30/Nov/08 6:00 AM
GREAT!, Serena!
How absolutely exciting! You sure sound like a VERY busy lady. Hope I get to know you better when you have some time.
Blessings to you and yours!
PS - that baby looks like it has some great moves!!!
30/Nov/08 6:23 AM
, Serena, and congratulations on baby #3! Your boys are gorgeous!
30/Nov/08 6:58 AM
Serena, hope you day is filled with family, friends and laughter and the coming year is all you could wish for.
30/Nov/08 8:36 AM
I've been needing an excuse to use this smilie...
Congratulations Serena...hope all goes well between now and March the 9th. Have a good day.
30/Nov/08 2:10 PM
Serena, I see I made it just in time with some birthday wishes but very belatedly want to add my congratulations for you and your family.
I have only just heard your wonderful news, I was away from the computer on and off for a week while we hosted Rena/BC, Canada and her daughter's visit to More...
14/Dec/08 8:07 PM

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season

23/Dec/08 9:52 AM
Congrats, Serena
17/Mar/09 10:40 AM
Congratulations on the birth of Azariah Abraham Harrington.
17/Mar/09 10:52 AM
Congratulations Serena.
Very cute young men you have there. Azariah.
17/Mar/09 11:11 AM
Serena - Congratulations on the arrival of Azariah. What a lovely happy picture on your page. Take care!
17/Mar/09 11:15 AM
to Azariah! He is a gorgeous baby, and Elijah is growing up so fast! Good health and lots of sleep for all of you!
17/Mar/09 12:30 PM
Serena and family, congratulations on the arrival of Azariah Abraham Harrington.

17/Mar/09 4:21 PM
Adding my congratulations and best wishes to you Serena on the arrival of Azariah.
17/Mar/09 9:11 PM
Love and best wishes to you all Serena, a beautiful addition to your family, so sweet xxx
17/Mar/09 11:02 PM
A A H - a sweet new baby! Congratulations to you, Serena, and all the rest of the family.
18/Mar/09 12:37 AM

to you and your beautiful family, Serena!
18/Mar/09 3:50 AM
Congratulations Serena and family, and Welcome to Azariah. You have beautiful little boys - they look so cute together! :)
18/Mar/09 1:41 PM
Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!
29/Nov/09 12:29 AM
Happy two-day birthday Serena! Your first one that Azariah can help you celebrate. Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Cheers!
29/Nov/09 4:41 AM
Happy Birthday, Serena!
Enjoy your day(s)!
29/Nov/09 8:54 AM
Serena, hope this day brings all you desire

Azariah is beautiful.
29/Nov/09 9:25 AM
enjoy your special day, Mary
29/Nov/09 9:53 AM
Serena enjoy your special day. BTW your children are gorgeous, love those curls.
29/Nov/09 10:00 AM
Happy birthday, Serena! Hope you are surrounded by people who love you today!
29/Nov/09 10:04 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

and More...
25/Dec/09 11:44 PM
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