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Welcome to my page.  It probably won't get updated that often, but I'll try as long as the children cooperate.


Hey Look! -An Update


New Picture

November 22th, 2016


This is the result of a football bet.  He told his team

that he would cut his hair if they won the last three

games of the season.  They finished the season 4-2.


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Happy Birthday Serena! Hope you have a great birthday and blessings in the coming year. Cheers!
29/Nov/10 12:30 AM
Wishing you happiness today (tomorrow) and always
29/Nov/10 2:23 AM
Serena, Hope you have a lovely day. Miss seeing you (and photos of the boys) on sudoku.
29/Nov/10 6:06 AM
Serena, have a wonderful day with your beautiful family.
29/Nov/10 6:30 AM
Your boys are gorgeous, Serena! Thanks for checking back in with us!
17/Mar/11 1:55 AM
Nice to see you visiting the pages today, Serena! Cute kids!
17/Mar/11 1:59 AM
Hi, Serena. I remember you. In our homeschool we were just learning about Vermont, Burlington in particular because a chiropractor friend of ours grew up there. He lives in ft. Wayne, IN now but we interviewed him by phone. He definitely made us think Vermont was the place to be!
17/Mar/11 3:12 AM
Certainly do remember you Serena, and the photos of Elijah on the parents page. That is a lovely photo of Elijah and Azariah you have posted today. And happy second birthday to Azariah.
17/Mar/11 7:10 AM
Hi Serena! How nice to see your post.
Your boys are gorgeous. Love that curly, curly hair!
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Don't be such a stranger!
17/Mar/11 8:08 AM
Nice to have you visit today. Your boys are so cute. Hard to believe how fast they gtow up.
Hope you can visit more often.
17/Mar/11 11:20 AM
Serena your children are gorgeous, love those curls.
17/Mar/11 6:12 PM
Serena! Hope you enjoy your day!
29/Nov/11 1:06 AM

Happy two day celebration.
29/Nov/11 3:50 AM
Many happy returns for today Serena. Hope this year is filled with joy.
29/Nov/11 8:45 AM
Serena, how wonderful it is to see you posting again. Just had a look through your photos and I cannot believe how quickly the children have grown! Where does the time go.....
23/Jul/12 10:03 PM
Hi Serena! Nice to see you posting again. Enjoyed your Flickr photos. When did Elijah lose his hair? Your youngest (10 months now?) is also a cutie. Take care and stay smiling!
01/Sep/12 3:42 AM
Hi Serena,
It was great coming back to easy on a regular basis and seeing you posting again. Hope all is well. The children are simply adorable and growing so quickly.I know you are enjoying them while you can by your post.LOL
01/Sep/12 5:35 AM
Your kids are soooo adorable and soooo good looking!
01/Sep/12 6:26 AM
Hello Serena, glad to hear that your puzzle times are improving, and who are the little darlings, your children, they are beautiful, their eyes (blue?) are piercing in this photo, and those curls - adorable with a capital 'A'!
27/Sep/12 12:50 AM
In case you don't return to the site today: Letters instead of numbers appear on the puzzle when you go though a certain sequence - like writing something to post in the comment box but not submitting it before doing the puzzle.
30/Sep/12 2:56 AM
Since I was visiting went through your photos, your children are beautiful.
17/Oct/12 2:45 PM
Hi, Serena:
Thank you for the birthday wishes!
I may not be able to do all your poozles, but they're fun to attempt!
21/Oct/12 12:53 AM
Hi Serena!
Beautiful photos in your gallery!
02/Nov/12 2:30 PM
Hi Serena! Answered your question about Kings Canyon on the page, but here is a cut & paste in case you don't get back there!!
Kings Canyon is in the Watarrka National Park, in the Northern Territory of Australia, some people would say 'in the middle of nowhere'. Near Uluru & Alice Springs, i.e. More...
10/Nov/12 9:03 AM
Dear Serena! Hope your day holds many wonderful surprises tomorrow
29/Nov/12 12:50 AM
Serena, enjoy your day celebrating with your family.
29/Nov/12 1:05 AM
to you,
to you
Serena, to you.
Wish I could set this to music,but this will have to do.
Seriously, have a wonderful day doing whatever you enjoy doing best. Enjoy your too!
29/Nov/12 6:12 AM
to you!
to you!
dear Serena!!!
to you!
May your special day have a and lots of !!!
29/Nov/12 6:44 AM
Serena,enjoy your special day.
29/Nov/12 6:53 AM
Serena. hope you have 2 fabulous birthday days!!!!
Here's a clown to keep the kids occupied for a while so you can relax a bit!

& some flowers for you More...
29/Nov/12 8:39 AM
Happy Birthday, Serena. Hope your family spoils you rotten and makes it a very special time for you.
29/Nov/12 10:34 AM
Happy Birthday, Serena! You've added a lot to this group, providing even more fun.
29/Nov/12 4:52 PM
Hope you have a great day!
29/Nov/12 6:22 PM
A very Serena! Have a wonderful time on your special day with family and friends.
Best wishes,
29/Nov/12 7:58 PM

Hope your day is all you want it to be.
29/Nov/12 8:28 PM
Hi Serena. My apologies for sending you such a belated birthday wish, but I have been without a computer for several days. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that your family gave you special treats and lots of loving hugs on your special day. Belated
02/Dec/12 10:50 AM
Hi Serena, I'm from Adelaide, South Australia - we are expected temperatures of 100 - 102 deg. F on Christmas Day so we are going to the beach when I finish my work as a nurse in a nursing home (residential aged care facility). I think it will be hot enough! Would you care to join us??
17/Dec/12 9:53 PM
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and nothing but the best for 2013. Merry Christmas!
24/Dec/12 3:58 AM
Merry Christmas
Serena & Family.
25/Dec/12 10:08 PM
, may 2013 prove to be a wonderful year for you and your family with love , happy surprises and high flying adventures
31/Dec/12 4:27 PM
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