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Welcome to my page.  It probably won't get updated that often, but I'll try as long as the children cooperate.


Hey Look! -An Update


New Picture

November 22th, 2016


This is the result of a football bet.  He told his team

that he would cut his hair if they won the last three

games of the season.  They finished the season 4-2.


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Serena & family
31/Dec/12 5:35 PM
Serena, wishing you and yours the best in the New Year.

01/Jan/13 4:02 PM
Serena! The best to you for 2013, friend!
01/Jan/13 4:37 PM
Serena! Wishing you and your family all the best in the coming year
02/Jan/13 12:54 AM
Serena! You made TOPP on my page!!!
02/Jan/13 1:54 AM
to you and your beautiful family.
02/Jan/13 3:30 AM
Thank you for my birthday wishes Serena. I did enjoy my day.
Your family is certainly growing up. I remember when Elijah was first on the Parent's page and his lovely long curly hair.
16/Jan/13 4:35 PM
Hello Serena!
Thank you for dropping with the birthday wishes - most appreciated!
Yes, I remember seeing Elijah, too a few times I think, at slightly different ages.
14/Feb/13 10:38 AM
Serena!!! Take a !

Let's break out the bubbly and toast the newest member! (Golly I hope it's the bubbly , possibly just the old vino or ahhh, it could have been the scotch - durn smilie's too small to make sure!)
14/Feb/13 4:31 PM
Serena, welcome to the SM club! Sorry I never picked that uo from your clues, but glad to see you and waiting for some of your personal smiles to appear!
15/Feb/13 4:27 AM
Thank you, Serena, for your condolence. Slowly we'll adjust to life without our special companion, but the house just isn't the same.
16/Feb/13 3:10 AM
Serena, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard when they are so yound and it didn't have to happen!
10/Mar/13 5:25 AM
I'm so sorry, Serena. What a tragedy for you and your family. Please know that I am thinking of you and holding you all close to my heart.
10/Mar/13 10:04 AM
Serena, such a devastating blow to you and your whole family. May you find support in each other working your way through this tragic time. My thoughts are with you.
10/Mar/13 11:56 AM
Serena, I'm saddened so much by the dreadful news - my and my family's thoughts are with you and yours.
10/Mar/13 6:56 PM
16/Mar/13 4:52 AM
Hi Serena. Super pictures in your gallery and I really like the family shot you have on to welcome visitors to your page. I think we beat you on the Spring weather up here. I woke up to a fresh 20 plus centimeters of snow, and there's more forecast over the next too days. C'est la vie. Take care, and hugs from me to your children.
21/Mar/13 2:09 AM
I know I have missed you but I wanted to let you know that it tickles me pink that a friend remembers my quirks! When I either get my 8 or a dear friend gets it for me, I know I am going to have a great day! Thank you!
05/Apr/13 1:48 PM
When you're multiplying by any number you're making that number of groups of the multiplicand (the number you're multiplying). So when your multiplier is a fraction you're making that fraction of the multiplicand. example 6 X 3/2 You want to get 3/2 of 6. It makes it easier for children to make More...
24/Apr/13 2:37 AM
Thank you Serena!!! I did have an early Mothers day and birthday celebration with my sons and their families!
13/May/13 2:32 AM
BTW your kids get cuter and cuter every time I see them! Watch your older son has the making of a romantic British hero and your little one will be a femme fatale. And the middle guy is going to be loveable!
13/May/13 2:34 AM
That picture is perfect, Serena.
28/May/13 3:35 AM
for the birthday wishes! I loved the birthday cupcakes you sent! How sweet of you to send them!
30/May/13 12:58 AM
Sorry, Serena, to hear about the loss of your parishioner. So difficult to bear when special people leave us. You're in my thoughts.
01/Jun/13 3:41 AM
Wonderful update showing the growing children Serena. I'm sure you're proud of them!
05/Jun/13 2:12 AM
Just dropping in to say to Elijah. May your birthday be filled with joy and happiness. I like your haircut too.
08/Jun/13 8:39 AM
Argh!!! Couldn't send the answer by phone. Will send later but I did figure out the answer!
25/Jun/13 1:32 AM
Not really, but it helps to explain Cru's character. The second delves into his basically good heart and his devotion to his adopted daughters. He is a father with all the foibles of fatherhood going into teenagehood.
13/Jul/13 1:20 PM
Hi Serena, I did have a look smilies yesterday, but took a while for the Internet to talk nicely to iPhoto, on my computer, where I wanted to store them. I found one I really liked, but couldn't get the file small enough to submit it. I'm going to have another go today with a less adventurous More...
18/Jul/13 6:21 AM
for the b'day greeting! It's always such a treat to get the 2-day Sudoku celebration
21/Jul/13 1:04 AM
Serena, Thank you for the Birthday greeting. I always enjoy hearing from Sudoku friends.

25/Jul/13 2:27 PM
Hi Serena - finally caught up with you new photos! Wonderful!!!
24/Aug/13 11:35 AM
This is copy & paste message about the Sudoku Easy Jigsaw Problems:
They went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white coffee cup, you'll More...
27/Aug/13 9:08 AM
Love the photo above, did you baby do the ad we have here in Oz .lol
05/Sep/13 6:56 AM
Hi Serena!
Great train!!!
05/Sep/13 8:42 AM
Thank you for taking the time, Serena, to wish this Sudokuland derelict a Happy Birthday! One of these days I hope to get my act together and start posting here again! Take care! Jane
18/Sep/13 1:53 AM
Thanks for remembering me on my birthday.
19/Sep/13 2:21 AM
Hi Serena,
Firstly may I say how much I love the photo of the little blue denim angel who got ''stuck'' into the white paint ! You are a lucky mother to have such
beautiful children.
And thank you for your birthday wishes to me on 7th.
It was one of the ''Big O'' birthdays - another milestone - hopefully a few more to go !
10/Oct/13 10:25 PM
Happy Anniversary! and thanks for all you do to add to the fun of Sudokuland.
02/Nov/13 12:02 PM
Well, I can't leave you down here Serena, so....
07/Nov/13 7:31 AM
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