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Welcome to my page.  It probably won't get updated that often, but I'll try as long as the children cooperate.


Hey Look! -An Update


New Picture

November 22th, 2016


This is the result of a football bet.  He told his team

that he would cut his hair if they won the last three

games of the season.  They finished the season 4-2.


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07/Nov/13 7:31 AM
Serena. Hope your day is all you wish it to be. Also health and happiness throughout the year.Don't forget the cake to go with the birthday meal. Again to you.
29/Nov/13 3:44 AM
to you,have a wonderful day celebrating.
29/Nov/13 7:02 AM
Hi Serena,
On my lightning visit to sudokuland today I see that it is your birthday. Many,many happy returns to you.
Hope all is well with all your loved ones, and wishing you a great year ahead.
29/Nov/13 1:46 PM

Serena the lovely poozel setter from Vermont may your special two day event combined with Thanksgiving be blessed.Cheers from Downunder.
29/Nov/13 4:32 PM
Serena, I do hope that all your family are helping you to celebrate your special day. Have a good one!
29/Nov/13 10:00 PM
Salome is a real charmer. Happy birthday young lady.
19/Dec/13 8:09 AM
Merry Christmas to you and all those you care for, and have a peaceful and prosperous 2014!
22/Dec/13 7:33 AM

Wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends
23/Dec/13 5:38 AM
for all of the birthday gifts, Serena! I love coming here and looking at the photos of your gorgeous kids!
18/Feb/14 4:26 PM
for the birthday wishes, Serena! Hubby is planning a dinner out, and anytime I don't have to cook is special!

And, another thank you for your efforts with the puzzles!
02/Mar/14 2:40 AM
Hi Serena!
Loved your spring photos! Also visited your Flickr page - some wonderful photos!! Thanks!
02/May/14 11:51 AM
Awww, thank you, Serena! Did the kids join you in singing? I think I might have heard Azariah's voice!
13/May/14 1:38 PM
Hi Serena, I read your comments about suggestions for a meaningful gift for a 13 year old girl, my daughters are a little older now, but I had a couple ideas for you: some movies that my daughters like that are kind of oldies but goodies about coming of age...Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club More...
24/May/14 12:17 AM
Thanks for the Birthday wish. I am going to have a laid back day. Been a busy week so stay home and veg.
27/May/14 1:43 AM
testing your e-mail alert......
13/Jun/14 3:21 AM
So very sorry to hear about Big Ben. He was a beauty! It is always hard to lose a beloved pet.
26/Oct/14 6:11 AM
I'm so sorry to hear about Big Ben passing Serena. Please know that my, and those of your other Sudoku friends, are with you.
26/Oct/14 7:26 AM
...thoughts that is! (should always proof read before hitting the submit button.)
26/Oct/14 7:27 AM
Hi Serena. I don't post often, but saw that you had lost Big Ben, and had to let you know how much I sympathize with you. There is nothing like losing a furry friend. Have you read ' Rainbow Bridge'? It helped me a bit, when Kelshie died, to know that she was waiting for us.
26/Oct/14 9:18 AM
Since we are so close ...
28/Oct/14 4:32 AM
I'll take spot #
28/Oct/14 4:32 AM
Happy anniversary! Keep going, as you have a long way yet to get to your 50th!
02/Nov/14 9:31 AM
Hope you have a wonderful two-day birthday Serena! For your birthday, an anagram puzzle!

Bypath Hydra Pi

29/Nov/14 2:10 AM
Happy 2-day, Serena!
29/Nov/14 2:30 AM
Ahem . . . (cough cough) mimimimimiiiiiiiiiii (in a squeaky voice)
to you!
to you!
dear Serena!!!!
to you!
May your special day have a More...
29/Nov/14 3:20 AM
Serena, I hope you have a wonderful time on your special day.
29/Nov/14 7:38 AM
Serena, Enjoy your special day.
29/Nov/14 11:29 AM
Wishing you a very Serena!
Have a wonderful day with your lovely family and friends.
29/Nov/14 12:12 PM
It will soon be your birthday in our hemisphere, so I will sing Happy Birthday over and over again until midnight our time. Your gift is not having to hear me sing!
29/Nov/14 3:45 PM
Thanks for all the 'extra' poozles that you post!
29/Nov/14 11:38 PM
Serena! Wonderful news!
16/Dec/14 2:33 PM
I love the date, my daughters birthday.
16/Dec/14 3:53 PM
Congratulations Serena. Wonderful news.
17/Dec/14 6:42 AM
Hi Serena. I just want to wish you and all your loved ones a happy festive season. Merry Christmas, and Peace.
24/Dec/14 12:57 AM
24/Dec/14 3:14 PM
Dear Serena,
Have a Merry Christmas! Try not to get frazzled and knot yourself with the holiday stress. Or you'll end up Always, shosho
25/Dec/14 4:25 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I enjoyed my day.
16/Jan/15 6:52 PM
Serena!!! Boy or girl? I think whatever you wish should come true!!!
27/Jan/15 12:56 PM
Serena, I am so happy for you. As you may have noticed I LOVE babies, all of them, related to me or not. Thanks for the link to your ultrasound photos. I went to take a look. I am amazed at what a good look parents can get at their babies nowadays even before they are born! I couldn't More...
28/Jan/15 8:04 AM
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