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Welcome to my page.  It probably won't get updated that often, but I'll try as long as the children cooperate.


Hey Look! -An Update


New Picture

November 22th, 2016


This is the result of a football bet.  He told his team

that he would cut his hair if they won the last three

games of the season.  They finished the season 4-2.


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Serena, and to wish you a very .
Hope you have a great one.
by the way, check your inbox. hehe.
29/Nov/07 12:18 PM
Happy Birthday, Serena.
29/Nov/07 12:46 PM
Serena, have a great day.
29/Nov/07 4:36 PM

to you
to you
dear Serena
to you

Have a Greaaaaat Birthday!

29/Nov/07 5:37 PM
Serena, stopping by to wish you a . Have a great one.
30/Nov/07 3:03 AM
I hope you had a wonderful day!
30/Nov/07 7:28 AM
Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
15/Dec/07 7:55 AM
Have a wonderful Christmas Serena and the happiest of New Years xx
17/Dec/07 7:35 AM

Hello Serena. Hope all is well with you and yours. I just wanted to stop in to say that I hope you and all you care for enjoy happiness and peace during this festive season and in all days to come! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!
19/Dec/07 9:02 AM
Hi Serena!

Happy Holidays
19/Dec/07 9:53 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

20/Dec/07 9:30 AM
Serena, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
21/Dec/07 2:49 AM
Serena, love the picture!...What a handsome, healthy and happy young man you have there.
Dropping by to extend greetings of the season to you and yours. May the peace and beauty of the season be with you through the new year. Peace, love and joy are my wishes for the new year...of course health More...
23/Dec/07 10:55 AM
Dropping in to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a also.. dusting of snow today but it's the wind that is blowing.. just tearing at the house. enjoy your day, Mary
24/Dec/07 8:57 AM
Wish You,
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year.
24/Dec/07 11:18 PM
Serena, Knock! Knock! Anybody home? Have you any room for a little bubbly? Well, then. I will leave this case of Veuve Clicquot Brut. I hope this messsage finds you and your family in the best of health and spirits. Celebrate the season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
24/Dec/07 11:25 PM

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
25/Dec/07 1:08 AM
Hi Serena,
Your Elijah sure is a cutie, I love all that curly hair.
Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
25/Dec/07 7:02 AM
Hi Serena, Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2008 with everything you could ever want or need coming to you!
25/Dec/07 11:52 AM
What wonderful curls Elijah has! My daughter is in the bathroom with her new curling wand attempting to create a similar effect as I write this! She would be so jealous of Elijah!
25/Dec/07 11:54 AM
Hi Serena - Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas also! May the New Year be filled with blessings for you!

Oh, if I could have just half of the curls! This is a great picture of the two of you! Elijah looks like he is in the Christmas spirit with his red plaid!

Please come again for a chat!
25/Dec/07 1:20 PM
Hey Serena, thanx for the Christmas message....All the best for you and your family for the holiday season and a wonderful 2008...with lots of Suduko
25/Dec/07 2:22 PM
Hi Serena, Thank you for visiting my page and sending me best wishes for Christmas. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year as well.
25/Dec/07 6:22 PM
Hi Serena. Thank you for your good wishes. May I offer you my good wishes for a happy Christmas and a good New Year.
25/Dec/07 11:33 PM
Hello Serena, first time I have visited you, and I offer my apologies for being so slack, and some aussie bubbly and macadamia nuts in pennance!!! Elijah is certain to be a ladykiller, as CG says, or a 'chick magnet' as my now not quite teenagers say, with those gorgeous eyes and lovely curls!! Thank you for sharing him with us!
29/Dec/07 12:03 PM
Serena, hoping that you and yours had a Merry Christmas and wishing you the best for the New Year.
31/Dec/07 3:12 PM
Stopped by to wish you good cheer
Brought a little bubblie here
May your toast be great
For two thousand eight
May you have a very

Hope your Christmas was blest.
No resolutions to obsess
It is not too late
For to celebrate
Our Lord Saviour’s Righteousness
01/Jan/08 4:00 AM
Hi, Serena! We haven't seen you for a while, so just thought I would pop in and say Hi! I hope all is well and the new year is bringing good health and happiness to you and yours!
28/Jan/08 5:24 PM
Gday Serena, I was just passing and thought I'd drop in. Sure glad I did, I love the photo of you and Elijah in his Christmas outfit. Still has eyes that melt me and curls I'd have to pay a fortune to get!
I hope this note finds you and Elijah well.
Take care,
31/Jan/08 10:38 PM
Hello Serena, I haven't seen you post before. (I am newer than you.) Nice photo of the two of you! I agree with your sentiments about enough snow. We had about 8 - 10 inches last night. Luckily next year Easter is mid-April and hopefully we won't have to worry about snow at Eastertime! Happy Easter!
23/Mar/08 2:14 AM
Hi! I don't believe I've seen you post before. My son will attend UVM this fall. Chose it over 8 private liberal arts colleges. Not sure if it's really the father of ecological economics, but rather the beauty of Providence, that clinched his decision.
24/Mar/08 4:49 AM
Serena, I couldn't resist dropping by to visit a Vermonter. We just returned from Stowe, one of our favourite places on earth, a few weeks ago, and wish we could have attended the Easter sunrise service on the mountain. (If only we could afford a place in Stowe, a town that has everything ... More...
25/Mar/08 1:32 AM
Sam was born in Germany and lived 4 years in Denver. He's seen plenty of snow, but certainly nothing like what you see at your latitude. Keeping our fingers crossed....
27/Mar/08 10:00 AM
Hi Serena - Happy Belated Easter. How are things out there in Vermont? Have you had any signs of Spring yet? I just love those curls and I wish I had them!!!!! I have come to share a stack of pancakes with you. Do you have any of that yummy Vermont Maple Syrup? Sure sound good right now! Please stop by my place sometime! Have a great day.
29/Mar/08 8:27 AM
08/Jun/08 1:50 PM
Hope your day is special...sure do love that smiling red head on your page!
29/Nov/08 12:12 AM
Have a special day
29/Nov/08 1:42 AM
Serena, hope you have a wonderful day.
29/Nov/08 2:49 AM
First I would like to say that Elijah is GROWING and still seeing his smile warms my heart. The photo of you and him together in your Flickr photos is gorgeous!
29/Nov/08 5:44 AM
Now, I want to wish you a happy birthday Serena! I hope your two-day site birthday is absolutely wonderful, filled with fun, family and friends. Cheers young lady!
29/Nov/08 5:46 AM
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