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Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Rushed right over for the rhubarb pie & vanilla ice cream! YUM!
14/Jun/11 6:02 AM
Whoops, in my haste I forgot to add
14/Jun/11 6:03 AM
Well, I'm always happy to welcome someone to a new page in their personal diary, but I was late this time. At any rate, happy page 13!
14/Jun/11 6:13 AM
I'm not afraid of no stinkin' 13!
14/Jun/11 7:04 AM
Wow, Plum, I didn't realize that blogspot connection you left on my page was going to be a photo. It actually made my mouth water! Is there some way you can post that on Flickr so it will show up at the top of your page? Is it a photo of a pie YOU made or just one you found on the internet?
14/Jun/11 7:18 AM
Plum, yes, I'd have to agree we're both a little "odd"! I think you're okay with borrowing a picture from Flickr. If it's published as "Public" I think whoever took it is in effect agreeing to share it with ALL viewers. By any chance, do you have rhubarb growing on your More...
14/Jun/11 12:13 PM

Can I have a helping too, please.

Before that KathyV eats it all. She's such a guts.
14/Jun/11 4:06 PM
Phantom, I had to share mine with Rob! Is a "guts" the same as a glutton?
15/Jun/11 1:22 AM

Yep, we grow rhubarb here. Better in the south of the country and in Tasmania......and strawberries too so looking forward to that mix when they are in season.
15/Jun/11 9:37 AM
Plum... You were wondering if the strawberries were ripe... Strawberries in SE Michigan are at peak!
I helped pick 5 containers of beautiful berries on Monday with daughter-in-law and grandsons. Daughter-in-law kept most of them, but I had enough to make two batches of freezer jam this evening. More...
15/Jun/11 1:29 PM
Plum, dear girl, thanks to a certain someone, at least I have yerba mate! Got to go and fix myself a cuppa!
26/Jun/11 3:29 AM
Oh btw, drool! I could really dig into that pie!!! And how did you know I love to cut the sweetness of the pie with vanilla ice cream?
26/Jun/11 3:32 AM
30/Jun/11 1:56 PM
Oh Plum this is even better! Whoops! Have to wipe the drool off the monitor screen!
30/Jun/11 3:53 PM
30/Jun/11 4:04 PM
Wow, Plum, I think your rhubarb pie looks even better than that other one. And you took the time to make a lattice crust on it. I am SO impressed.
01/Jul/11 1:07 AM
Thanks for your comment, Plum. One day I'll do as Kathy suggested and put some stuff on my page. One day.......
And the rhubarb custard pie looks deliciously decadent!
02/Jul/11 4:43 PM
Plum, thanks for your birthday wishes. All's well, it's just that I don't talk so much these days.
03/Jul/11 12:03 PM
Hi Plum. I noticed the other day that you referred to Library Thing. Are you by any chance a participating member? I have just been introduced, but unfortunately have forgotten many of the books I've read. Am slowly trying to add some to my list as I think of them.
Happy 4th of July!
05/Jul/11 3:29 AM
Pierogi? Yumo! Any beetroot soup?
05/Jul/11 5:22 PM
Plum, I will work out the recipe and post it under the recipes forum. I have been making it for so long I don't know where the recipe is. It shouldn't take too long to work out though I might have to make a batch though.
06/Jul/11 9:34 AM
Here's your comment from July 3, Page 2 (I was able to find this by entering "Library Thing" in the Google Search at the top of the page. I often use that to find old comments.)

Plum From SW Michigan, USA

Check out my page

Phantom seems More...
09/Jul/11 7:01 AM
Thankyou for your birthday wishes.
It is so wonderful having a 2nd family in sudokuland.
10/Jul/11 4:08 PM
Hi Plum, thanks for the info about you and yours. I put on 2 kg (4 pounds) just reading your post! I'd never heard of czernina, so I looked it up. I think I'll pass on it. However I do love well made black pudding......go figure. I also don't like any other offal.

My folks came to Australia More...
11/Jul/11 7:50 AM
For the wonderful b'day greeting Plum! Boy does that pie and ice cream look great! YUM!
19/Jul/11 2:56 AM
Hi Plum. The friend I spoke of is one of the other 10 co-owners of our beach house. He & his wife found that they wanted to spend more time at Fripp than just the 4 weeks per year allotted to each family. They live in Springfield, MO, but have their own plane to make trips back & forth. More...
26/Jul/11 12:15 AM
Plum, you sound like a very understanding and creative mother. A wedding should really just be about what is important/meaningful to the bride and groom.(My sister's wedding, the first pew was filled with all her stuffed animals as witnesses to the event) No pre-determined "you must More...
03/Aug/11 4:11 PM
Know what you mean about the candles. Now I remember, I had glass 'hurricane' covers. Luckily my church had plenty of candle sconces all along the walls, but then I also added a candle 'stand' at the end of every third pew. (I look great in verrry low light ). I found out at the reception More...
04/Aug/11 7:24 AM
Hello Plum - I think I have been out of "the loop" too long. I see a wedding is ahead. Congratulations to Starr! How exciting. It sounds like she has a very level head on her shoulders, also. Best of luck to her and the lucky man who gets her!
12/Aug/11 4:08 AM
Hello Plum - You were inquiring about places to purchase tartan fabrics and I know of two excellent ones. The quality of their fabrics are excellent, I have ordered from both several times.

Hope that helps!!!!!!
14/Aug/11 7:26 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, Plum. My Sudoku Family makes me feel very special!
15/Aug/11 10:49 PM
Thanks for your post yesterday. I'm fine. Nearby areas have taken a hard hit, and many roads are still out. As I'm sure you know, though, people are wonderful at pulling together to help each out, and that's what's happening right now. Take care.
01/Sep/11 12:49 AM
Oh my, you set a high standard for food photography! Ouch, I'll only have my phone but I'll try. Probably my sons will groan at their mother's eccentricity!
03/Sep/11 4:34 AM
Hi Plum
I'm glad you enjoyed watching the race. Bliss is having a short spell and probably won't race for about 8 weeks. The Tasmanian Videos have only become available on line since the start of August.
We haven't lodged Bonnie's name application yet but must get round to it as she turned 2 More...
03/Sep/11 11:58 AM
Hi Plum.
Can you tell me what date Phantom did his annual summary please?
06/Sep/11 11:42 PM
It's okay Plum, I found it.
06/Sep/11 11:52 PM
You sound busy, busy, busy! Good luck! When is the wedding date?
07/Sep/11 5:01 AM
Thank you for the encouraging words about my quitting smoking. I think it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I still have some rough times, but they seem to be decreasing. I smoked for almost 40 years, so I'm pretty darn proud of myself!!!!
13/Sep/11 2:10 AM
Hi, Plum! Thank you, belatedly, for the birthday wishes. I had a great time celebrating aboard the Lady Jane shrimp boat. I thought I'd posted pictures here, but I guess I only did on my Facebook page. Hopefully, I'll get around to transferring some of them over here. Hope the wedding plans are going smoothly!
17/Sep/11 11:46 AM
Best wishes Burl - but wish Plum would find a better name for you than that!!
21/Sep/11 12:58 AM
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