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 Welcome to my page




Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Hi Plum, thanks for thinking of me. I am up early this morning but went to bed early. It was 5 am here. that would be a normal amt. of sleep for me at home. I have been wondering about you and all your rebellous appliances! Have you had any improvement with your relationship with those electric marvals?
12/Jan/11 6:29 AM
I know the feeling trying to get use to bifocals! Over a year ago I got my first ones, well actually I got progressives. Kind of like bifocals but it's smoothed over so you don't see the second lens. I still have fun trying to remember look down for up close and towards the upper half of my More...
14/Jan/11 2:22 PM
Oh BTW, if you come to California, I promised Aileen that I would drag her out to meet you! She's a hoot to talk to! You'll love her!
14/Jan/11 2:23 PM
Dear Plum.
Thank you very much for your very kind correction of my spelling .Please accept my apologize and correction took place in my own page.
thanks again and feel free to any other remarks ,I like so.
15/Jan/11 12:24 PM
I bet you saw the porcupine in the UP. Porcupines live in the northern part of Michigan, but not the southern part. The quills used to be a real problem for inquisitive hunting dogs. (As far as I know, I don't THINK porcupines live in Florida.) But I did see a lot of Armadillos once in Florida all along the highway between Orlando and Titusville - there was one about every mile!
17/Jan/11 3:44 PM
I like your photos, Pretty Lady! And your girls are GORGEOUS! Of course, we'd ALL like to get a gander at Burl, too ... Feel better ...
04/Feb/11 11:20 AM
Plum - thanks for the note - those sort of things are fun to take a stab at. It is pretty much luck.
07/Feb/11 4:39 PM
for being the first one to wish me a ! Yep, every day is great, because God is good!
16/Feb/11 2:00 AM
Hi Plum. Hope you are finally over your flu and/or bronchitis, etc. I had a nice visit with Debby yesterday, & I was telling her I had wanted to try making a pavlova for her & her mom, but chickened out. I was afraid my first attempt might be a flop. I remember that you made one More...
26/Feb/11 10:44 AM
Dear Plum - Thank you for your kind words!♥
06/Mar/11 6:56 AM
Hi Plum. I just wanted to stop in and thank you for the birthday wishes you sent my way. Yours and everyone else's from the site made my day extra special. Cheers, and stay smiling! Just to let you know that everyone will get the same message as it easier to copy and paste with the finger problems I have. Take care!
29/Mar/11 7:55 AM
Yes, the KIA was one of the Chihuly shows that I went to. Did you go to the Wyeth show held there recently? Nice show.
19/Apr/11 11:42 PM
Plum let me be the first to wish you a very happy birthday. The big 50 I believe so enjoy your two day event.
29/Apr/11 12:21 AM
Wishing you a delicious birthday!
29/Apr/11 12:21 AM
Oh! Forgot it was a 'biggie'! Do something wild and crazy to mark the day!
29/Apr/11 12:23 AM
Sweet Plum! Hope your day is lovely and wishing you blessings the whole year long.
29/Apr/11 12:32 AM
Happy Birthday Plum. Enjoy your special day.
29/Apr/11 12:44 AM
Plum thank you for the birthday wishes.
29/Apr/11 12:46 AM
have a wonderful day celebrating.
29/Apr/11 3:43 AM
I've left a few gifts on today's 'easy'.
Wishing you a wonderful 2 day celebration!

How very nifty, Plum is 50!
29/Apr/11 7:32 AM
Plum, enjoy your special day.
29/Apr/11 9:11 AM


P L U M !!!
29/Apr/11 10:20 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Plum!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
29/Apr/11 12:09 PM
You, young, you! Enjoy your special day twice!!!
29/Apr/11 12:10 PM
Happy Bithday Plum, Hope this year is filled with joy.
29/Apr/11 2:06 PM
♪♫♪ Happy 50th Birthday Plum ♥

29/Apr/11 3:27 PM
I'm sure you can't be 50 yet. Happy 39th year and have a 38the next year.
29/Apr/11 4:21 PM

to you
to you
dear Plum
to you

29/Apr/11 7:06 PM
Plum, hope you have a right royal day

The following are the purplest smilies I have...

29/Apr/11 9:39 PM
A very Plum. I hope you have a lovely day!
29/Apr/11 9:58 PM
Very best wishes on their way to you from France, Plum for the big 50!! Hope you have a wonderful day xx
29/Apr/11 10:12 PM
Plum, hope this year is your best yet
29/Apr/11 11:24 PM
Happy birthday Plum, I hope you've been having a wonderful day, and that the trend continues for the remainder of it!!!
30/Apr/11 12:11 AM
I hope that you are having a good 50th birthday and that you are not the catering staff for your celebration. I did mine a couple of years ago and recieved the phone call the next day for them to say they had reviewed the x-rays and my right arm was broken. Not great fun. I hope that yours is much better. Cheers
30/Apr/11 12:36 AM
Hi Plum, add my name to the list of people wishing you all things good on your birthday.
30/Apr/11 2:56 AM
Hello Plum, and happy birthday! The site wouldn't be the same without you contributing, so I'm sure everyone is wishing you the best. Have a wonderful day and have fun with your family and friends. Cheers young lady. You have a way to go yet to catch up with me.
30/Apr/11 7:01 AM
, dear Plum! Fifty is fine, but Sixty is Sexy ... so you have something to look forward to! Love you, Girl.
30/Apr/11 8:58 AM
Oh Plum, thank you for your b'day wishes! You brightened my frazzled day!!! Think I'll make myself some yerba mate, I need the calm! You saved my days with that tea!
13/May/11 11:53 AM
Thanks plum for the birthday wishes...and I'm still celebrating so they aren't belated at all...when you reach the milestone I either keep on doing what helps you move or you forgetaboutit.... I choose to keep♥
25/May/11 4:11 AM
Plum, Thank you for the birthday greeting. And yes, we start traveling home to Oregon in a couple days. We have been packing and I am trying to get caught up on my thank you's.
30/May/11 8:10 AM
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