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 Welcome to my page




Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Happy birthday to Burl!
21/Sep/11 3:21 AM
Well, and welcome to a new page Plum.
21/Sep/11 3:22 AM
Plum, A very Happy Birthday To Burl and I hope you spoil him rotten . Wish him a G'day from Downunder.
21/Sep/11 7:36 PM
Hi Plum! I know you are very, very busy, as I am I, with lots of lots of wedding preparations. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you & hope that we both get through the coming weeks without having nervous breakdowns! No need to reply to this. Just please pray for More...
21/Oct/11 12:26 AM
Plum, thank you for the b'day wishes and the compliment on my name. It is an old, old, name. I was named for my aunt who was born in 1905. I have only known a handful of Hazel's in my lifetime. My eyes are hazel colored, and my maiden name was Wood, My aunt's name was Hazel Oak Wood. That was my More...
24/Oct/11 10:01 AM
Hi Plum, how are you getting on with the final preparations? Hope everything goes well for you next week and that you can finally collapse into a chair and rest after it's all over!!Enjoy the day!
28/Oct/11 7:38 PM
Hi Plum. Just dropping by to let you know that I'm thinking of you & hoping that tomorrow is a wonderful day for the bride & groom & ALL the family & friends gathered together for their wedding. I know how hard you have worked on the preparations. Just hope you are not too tired to enjoy yourself.
05/Nov/11 5:05 AM
Hi Plum. I'm pleased to hear the wedding went well. You sound like you're on 'cloud 9' with the happiness you've expressed. My congratulations to you, all who assisted, and of course, to the newly weds. May they live long and prosper!
07/Nov/11 4:12 AM
Plum - Thanks for the info about my mother's birth date! Interesting! I never thought to research the date, but I was looking up something else tonight and found that Queen Elizabeth I was crowned on November 17th.
17/Nov/11 4:15 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, Plum! May you, little Plum and the rest of your family be blessed this holiday season
25/Nov/11 1:13 AM
Thank you Plum for your birthday wishes ,I had a wonderful day.
11/Dec/11 10:54 PM
Hi Plum
You sound as if you have your hands full between now and Christmas. I hope you enjoy the time you can spend with your D & SIL. With deregulation working hours seem to be anytime. We're going to Sydney to meet up with the family but my son has to work everyday except Christmas day so More...
21/Dec/11 11:47 PM
Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday and blessings the year long
24/Dec/11 2:41 AM

Wishing you and yours the best in the New Year
24/Dec/11 7:07 AM
Hi Plum. I really enjoy reading all your comments, and I just wanted to wish you and all those you care for a very happy Christmas, and all the best in the year to come. Cheers!
25/Dec/11 11:31 AM
I hope you and Burl enjoy this special day and you get to have some time with all your family.
25/Dec/11 8:33 PM
Hi Plum. I know your time on Sudoku has been limited lately. I've been wondering if you saw my comments one day about the lecture we had onboard ship about yerba mate? I had not known that mate is considered the national drink of Argentina & that it is a shrub of the holly family!! I had More...
14/Jan/12 10:08 AM
Hi Plum. I thought that photo was taken on the Canadian side, and yes, it has been several years since I've been to the Falls. I have never seen the falls from the American side so I wasn't aware they put barriers up to block the view. As I asked on Easy later, did the girls also have a ride on the Maid of the Mist? Cheers!
29/Feb/12 10:02 AM
At my age, Veggie Tales is not on my reading list. What was the punch-line reference Plum?
02/Mar/12 9:51 AM
I was plum tickled to get your birthday wishes, Plum! Thank you!
03/Mar/12 5:30 AM
Hi, Plum. And thanks for your greeting! I rarely post anymore, but do stop by from time to time to see what's up on the pages. Sounds like you've been doing good things, and I do hope all is well.
16/Mar/12 12:25 AM
Hi Plum. Thank you for the birthday grettings young lady. You helped make my birthday special. Cheers!
25/Mar/12 11:02 AM
Hi Plum,i don't know if you like historical novels or not,but if you do try the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.I was introduced by my big sister and thoroughly enjoyed them.I also liked the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel,i was introduced to that series by my other big sister.
27/Apr/12 5:10 AM

I've brought for your celebration!

(And I finally get to use these smilies! lol)

BTW, I agree with Jim. The Outlander series is great.
29/Apr/12 12:50 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Plum!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
29/Apr/12 1:03 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
Starting with... Have a fabulously fun day!
29/Apr/12 1:04 AM
Well aren't you lucky Plum? A two-day site birthday celebration. I hope you get to relax both days, read four or five of your books and just enjoy yourself. Hope you have very special day(s).
29/Apr/12 1:33 AM
Happy Birthday Plum.
29/Apr/12 2:06 AM
Have a wonderful two-day birthday celebration, Plum!!
29/Apr/12 3:59 AM
Celebrate with and lots of fun. Enjoy your two day celebration. i don't think you are a "friend". Let's change that.
29/Apr/12 6:37 AM

Hope you get all the books you want.
Enjoy your 2 days. (& the rest of the summer under those shady trees where you read)
29/Apr/12 7:02 AM
Dear Plum
May it be the bestest day (or Two) ever
From your Aussie puzzler mate.
Hope you are spoilt
by family and friends.
29/Apr/12 9:15 AM
Plum, Have a wonderful time celebrating your special day.
29/Apr/12 9:21 AM
Plum, have a fully excellent day
29/Apr/12 11:19 AM

Have a wonderful two day celebration.
29/Apr/12 1:12 PM
A very to you, Plum.
I hope you have a great day.

29/Apr/12 11:36 PM
Ouch! Hope your arm heals quickly, Plum.
15/Jun/12 2:13 AM
Hi Plum, just visited your Flickr page!!
Glad to read your arm is improving - just be careful though, burns can take a long time to heal properly even when you think things are okay!!!
03/Jul/12 9:16 PM
Hi Plum, I don't think I have sent you a message before. I hope your burn has healed up. I burned my hand on my oven two and a half weeks ago and it has finally healed. It was doing ok until I caught it on something then all turned to custard! I could hear my late husband, who was a pharmacist, More...
28/Jul/12 9:40 AM
Hi Plum
Worked out the olympic poozle but don't know how to send it. Haven't done this before!
28/Jul/12 8:17 PM
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