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from me and mine to you and yours...
01/Jan/09 12:42 PM
for your friendship and
to yu and the family.
01/Jan/09 6:18 PM
Gail...I'm thinking of you and your family at this time...You are deep in m y heart and I pray that you are strengthened by God's love to withstand the pressure...May peace find you as you need it!
May 2009 bring you peace, joy and continued love and support of family and friends when needed.
02/Jan/09 1:08 PM
Thank you for the birthday greeting. I spent a quiet day at home and hubby and the kids went and got take out for dinner.
02/Jan/09 4:24 PM
Gail, hope all is well with your Mum, Bean mentioned you were in Adelaide with her. I am back in Adelaide after a week at Goolwa and am heading to the farm near Colac tomorrow. Will be back In Melb. some time next week. Am happy to meet up for a coffee/lunch with the visiting member. Just let me know.
03/Jan/09 6:04 PM
Been thinking of you so much these days Gail, and sending lots of prayers your way for you and your mum.
I know you won't be getting this for awhile, but wanted to feel like I could reach out and touch you anyway.
Big {{{{Hug}}}} to you.
04/Jan/09 3:34 PM
to you both...
Glad you made it back home for that...did your sister return with to go back to work?
I'm about tomorrow...would love a chat if you aren't too hectic.
05/Jan/09 11:41 PM
Happy Anniversary Gail and Mr Gail I hope you have a wonderful day!
06/Jan/09 7:24 AM
Happy Anniversary Gail & Mr Gail! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thinking of you and big {{{huggs}}} sent to you!
06/Jan/09 8:48 AM
Thanks for the Christmas greetings hope you had a wonderful holiday may 2009 be great for you & your family.

PS - my U-tube is what I was working on between Christmas & New & Years - the televised presentation of our Animation Trophy Winner is the second "related" video.
06/Jan/09 9:21 AM
Hi Gail, so sorry to hear about your mother
06/Jan/09 1:04 PM
Gail: There are no words that can express how others feel- but may you find comfort in the thought that they truly care. Deepest Sympathy
06/Jan/09 1:19 PM
Gail, I'm greatly saddened to hear about your mother's passing. I know it must have been really hard and also a relief to know that her suffering has ended. I'm sure she will be watching over you and your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
06/Jan/09 1:23 PM
I'm so sorry about your mum, Gail. You've said it was a relief ... and I'm sure that it was for her, too. Love and prayers to you and your family.
06/Jan/09 1:28 PM
Gail, no matter what your age, it's always hard to lose a parent...even when you know she's finally at peace. Remember her in the good times.
06/Jan/09 1:37 PM
Gail, may you find comfort in knowing that your precious mum's suffering is over. She is at peace now. I'm sure that she knew that you loved her as much as she loved you. I'm so glad that you were able to see her in her last few days. I hope that your memories help you cope with your grief. In time More...
06/Jan/09 2:01 PM
Thank you for your kind thought for my FIL's surgery today. Even today, you are thinking of others and comforting them.
06/Jan/09 2:20 PM
Gail...My heart breaks for you and your loss. Death may have been a blessing in disguise for your mum, but that doesn't lessen the pain of your loss. May you find comfort in the fact that so many care very deeply, and hopefully that knowledge will lighten your grief. May peace walk with you as you More...
06/Jan/09 2:52 PM
Gail, I'm so sorry for the passing of your mother. There is a closeness that mothers and daughters feel for each other and when your mother goes, there is a huge hole in your heart. Know that I'm here for you and that I care.
My prayers for you and your family.
06/Jan/09 3:46 PM
Gail, I am so sorry. I wonder why at other times I am so full of words I must drive everyone crazy, and at times like these I don't know what to say. Sending love, hugs, thoughts and wishes...
06/Jan/09 3:47 PM
Dear Gail,

I was so sorry to hear the news of your mother's passing. I hope your memories of happy times sustain you in the days to come. ♥ Jane
06/Jan/09 4:18 PM
Gail, I logged into SA7 for the first time in ages and read your message. I'm sending you lots of love and prayer
06/Jan/09 4:23 PM
Gail, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mum. My love & prayers are with you my friend.
06/Jan/09 4:57 PM
May the pleasant memories of your mother help you to come over the grief of her loss.
Thinking of you friend
06/Jan/09 5:47 PM
Gail, my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear mum. May you find comfort in all the messages you receive from all your friends. R.I.P. Mollie
06/Jan/09 8:19 PM
Thinking of you at this time. Next week will be the anniversary of my own mothers death and the week after that of my mother in law. May they all rest peacefully.
Try to remember the fun times, look at photos and laugh , even through tears. It helped me.
06/Jan/09 8:19 PM
My dear friend Gail,
My deepest condolences to you and your family,
Thinking of you, please look after yourself.

06/Jan/09 8:54 PM
Dear Gail,
Sorry to hear about your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
06/Jan/09 9:04 PM
Dear Gail I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mum I'm sure you will miss her heaps.Our deepest sympathy to you and your family I will add your Mum to our prayers on Thursday when we lay Dad to rest.
06/Jan/09 10:39 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes! You made my day more special than you know.
06/Jan/09 11:06 PM
My thoughts are with you and your family Gail. Keep your memories close to your heart. Take care x
06/Jan/09 11:15 PM
There is too much in my heart to tell you how I feel..
Your anniversary tomorrow will be like no other but the gift from your mother here is immeasurable. You will feel grief but no longer the worry or the grief that accompanies the More...
06/Jan/09 11:15 PM
Gail, so sorry to hear that you have lost your ear mother. At least she didn't have to endure her pain any longer or go through the operation planned for this week. Take care of yourself and your family and enjoy your memories rather than weep too much over your loss
06/Jan/09 11:52 PM
Condolences and blessings to you, Gail.
07/Jan/09 1:11 AM
Gail - I see when I come to your page how cherished and held in love you are! It is your beautiful loving presence in all of our lives that creates this outpouring of support for you now. You are a very precious and special person, Gail...well, that AND a total DAG!
07/Jan/09 1:27 AM
Now that last message wasn't at all how I intended on going...sorry dear one, I forgot myself.
I'm so grateful that your mum, Mollie, is no longer suffering and I hold you and your family More...
07/Jan/09 1:32 AM
Happy Anniversary to you and Scott, Gail...I imagine this will be one of the sweetest anniversaries because you get to really feel the appreciation of a loving and caring husband.
Blessings to you both dear friend!
07/Jan/09 1:39 AM
Gail, I was so sorry to hear you have lost your beloved mother. You and your family have my deepest sympathy. There is another angel in heaven...
07/Jan/09 3:02 AM
Gail, I'm so glad Bean was able to come over to spend some bubbly time with you. I am still thinking of you...
07/Jan/09 6:28 AM
Gail, enjoy your wedding anniversary. The true meaning of togetherness will be today as you give each other comfort, and remember your wedding day and your Mother's support on that day.Many hugs, love and support going your way.
07/Jan/09 8:06 AM
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