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Se nd it in the the SMH June! My car is absolutely caked - along with every other one in the street.
23/Sep/09 7:18 AM
Hello June! My husband and I sat with our cups of coffee this morning enjoying your pictures! Your sand storm picture is something we have never seen here in Michigan. It has turned green and yellow after bad thunderstorms, but no red like this! We enjoyed all of your other pictures, too!!!!
23/Sep/09 9:19 PM
I'm good, June. Very good, but, not quite that good.
I've always wanted a Black & White Kitchen with a splash of something bright somewhere. No I had a man do it. Heaven help anyone who walks on it with black soled shoes.
04/Oct/09 1:37 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, June :)
08/Oct/09 10:16 PM
Thanks for the birthday well wishes
14/Oct/09 1:01 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June, I had a wonderful day celebrating with my family and friends, it was very special x

I just looked through your photographs, I can't even see the bat! How fast is his swing? I hope he does well x
17/Oct/09 8:44 AM
Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary June.
19/Oct/09 10:09 AM
hi June! how are you - haven't seen you do the riddle lately, hope all is well. BTW - is Heidi ok? I've left her a couple of messages and had no reply.
21/Oct/09 7:58 AM
23/Oct/09 7:22 PM
Thinking of you and yours.
30/Oct/09 3:36 PM
June, I wouldn't worry about the weather in Paris - but it won't be nice! Lots of wind and rain expected all of this week so hubby may get a little wet! No serious weather warnings so don't worry.
03/Nov/09 6:53 AM
Thanks June for the good wishes.Hope Sharon is well, and that you all enjoy the lunch on Saturday too.
05/Nov/09 7:20 AM
Hi June.
Thinking of you all at the get together today.
Looking forward to some pics.
07/Nov/09 6:42 PM
Today was simply wonderful June. Thank you for all the organising you have done and your beautiful hospitality afterwards. You have gone out of your way to make this a perfect day.
I am so pleased I have had this chance to meet up with you again, well worth the drive.
07/Nov/09 6:49 PM
Fabulous photos, thanks again.
08/Nov/09 5:36 PM
June - thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful day. We all just kept saying that after we left your place. The meeting was so magical - thank you for organizing and hosting us so graciously in your home. I can't wait to come back some day.
08/Nov/09 7:48 PM
Lovely to see you today, June. Sending Sharon all my love, too.
09/Nov/09 8:31 PM
Hi June,
What a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for all your hard work in making sure that the day was so very special. Brilliant venue, great company and lovely food. The after party was the best. Thanks for opening your home and your heart to us all. Special hugs for Laura.
11/Nov/09 6:43 PM
It has been so FULL ON for you for so long now June...
ENJOY the next couple of days and dream about pyramids and the Nile....
13/Nov/09 2:14 PM
Hey June
I've only just come back on after a long break - I couldn't even remember my password! I am sorry that I have missed yet another get together. I have another exam tomorrow (so I am busily procrastinating) and then I get a 3 month break.
It looks like I'll have a lot to catch up on.
Love Rose
25/Nov/09 11:13 PM
Hi June,
That would be really nice, I would like to meet up when an event takes place. I am also on the northside -Spit Junction/Mosman area. So please do let me know.
02/Dec/09 12:38 PM
My prayers and thoughts for your 'friend'.
06/Dec/09 10:52 AM
Hello June. I love seeing the pic of your garden every time I visit your page! And today I found your newly added pics of Vici's visit. Left a comment on the botanic gardens one. Thanks for your birthday wishes last week. I was so relieved that Kyley was finally getting better & happy that More...
13/Dec/09 2:34 PM
Thank you June - I had a great birthday with my children all together (and my gorgeous grandson) for the first time in 4 years. I feel very lucky!! Loved the pics of Vici's lunch - first photo I have seen of Suzy (she usually hides)!
14/Dec/09 9:39 PM
June, please pass on my best wishes to Ken for his 70th birthday.

A wonderful milestone. Have a great day.

21/Dec/09 9:39 AM
Happy 70th Birthday Ken
21/Dec/09 12:19 PM
Dear June.
Wishing all of you
A very "Merry Christmas"
A very "Happy New Year"
With my best wishes to you.
21/Dec/09 3:23 PM
Hi June...message here for you to pass onto Ken.
21/Dec/09 7:05 PM
June I would like to invite you for lunch while you and Ken are down in January. It probably wouldn't take that long to get here from your son's place if you take citylink [25' or so]. If it is a nice day way can sit under the tree in the back yard while your grandkids swim [providing the pool hasn't dried up and that I have managed to make it sparkle...Lachies job but he's been away]
21/Dec/09 7:30 PM
June you and your loved ones have a and a all the best for 2010.
21/Dec/09 9:32 PM

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
22/Dec/09 3:33 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

22/Dec/09 9:45 PM
23/Dec/09 12:29 AM
Hi June. Just stopping by to send seasons greetings to you and all you care for! May all your lives be full of happiness and peace through the yuletide season and throughout the coming year!
23/Dec/09 5:16 AM
Hi June!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! :)
23/Dec/09 1:09 PM
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
24/Dec/09 4:20 AM
and More...
24/Dec/09 4:22 AM
Dear June
wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

24/Dec/09 10:20 AM
June -- I send you and your family wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2010.

P.S. A belated happy birthday to Ken!!!
24/Dec/09 11:25 AM
June - saw you online! I hope Laura is enjoying her Santa sack this morning!
25/Dec/09 6:37 AM
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