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Thank you June for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day with cheese cake and a movie. Receiving wishes from you made the day that much more special! Hope you have a very nice visit with Dino. Good luck with the vegetarian dishes!
13/May/09 10:30 PM
June, I just had to tell you how much I like that sideboard in your main picture especially the Mary Gregory vases. I have a sad tale to tell about MG vases. My mum had a pair of them, they were her Grandmother's and she inherited them. Different shape to yours and green. She had them on the More...
20/May/09 5:34 PM
Thanks for the good travel wishes, June! How nice of you! We're looking forward to it, and yes, the camera is ready!
21/May/09 7:20 AM
Thanks June for the lovely birthday greeting.My day was extra special because of the many sudoku members,like yourself,who sent me messages.
04/Jun/09 3:25 AM
Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes, June! Nah, we're not "big celebration" type of people. We've been feted at several dinners by family and friends, and we'll finish off the celebration in the mountains by ourselves, dining at a glorious restaurant overlooking a lake. I AM thinking about trying to finagle that ruby, though ... Love you ...
09/Jun/09 12:55 AM
June sorry to do this but you have been tagged.
See pg4 on easy for details
12/Jun/09 6:39 PM
Hello june,

You have been 'tagged'

Glinda has revived a game initially posted by Angie/Melbourne in December of 2007... [page 4 easy 12/6]

Here are the rules:

(1) Each player starts with 5 random facts/habits about themselves.

(2). You have 24 hours in which More...
15/Jun/09 12:34 PM
Sorry June, I haven't had time to read all of the back comments yet, and thanks for the tip about Sharon! Hope you 3 gals are all well!!
15/Jun/09 12:46 PM
Hi June -

Thanks for the comments about the kookaburra. All the Girl Scouts (Guides) here and especially the brownies sing the kookaburra song, so it's nice to learn more about him/her.

Have a good day, Barb
17/Jun/09 3:54 AM
Hi June,

I was just thinking about you and realized it has been a long time since we "talked". I hope things are going well for you and your family.

Take care - and our best to both you and Ken.
19/Jun/09 2:00 PM
June, thank you for the birthday greeting to my page and the phone call both. To bad my camera is not working, but was soo nice to hear your voice. Your wish came true, no t-storms these past 3 days, just hot and muggy.

It has taken me a while to type out the thank yous for all my greetings, and rereading them as i did just added to the happiness each one brought to me, Thanks friend.
19/Jun/09 11:39 PM
Hi June, thanks for the afternoon tea when you were in Dubbo. I hope the zoo trip was not to bad with the weather - cold and wet. It was nice to meet you and your family.
24/Jun/09 2:38 PM
HI June, many thanks for your kind birthday wishes - and glad you finally made it to the party!!
29/Jun/09 7:00 PM
Hi there June,

You were interested in the photo of the lily pods that came up on the HARD Sudoku on 4th July and I have now posted the following information on that day as an explanation.

I haven't been around much.. and I'm sorry that I was unable to give you an explanation on the More...
07/Jul/09 9:22 PM
Hi June. I see you were also up in the wee hours this morning. I still haven't found the missing emails. I think they've dissolved into hyperspace. I'd probably find them if they were still in cyberspace!

Hope your restless night does not mean your are unwell. How's your family and especially the lovely Laura?
12/Jul/09 12:23 PM
for the wonderful birthday greetings. It is so cool to be able to celebrate with all friends from all over the world.
You made my day very special! Hugs!
BTW - M took me down to Sacramento to look at decking products (Trex)...but that was by my request. It was a day away from the rock!
17/Jul/09 1:31 AM
June, I just popped in to thank you for the birthday greetings and grab a chocolate. Mmmm!
18/Jul/09 1:17 PM
June, for the lovely birthday greeting. My birthday was made extra special hearing from so many wonderful friends from around the world.
19/Jul/09 2:00 PM
Hi June, just saw your comment from yesterdays parents page. Yes, photo taken in Venice. Olivia from todays parents page is my great niece cousin of Tyler, picture taken somewhere in Italy, Rome I think.
20/Jul/09 4:04 AM
Hi, June -- Thank you (very belatedly) for the birthday wishes. I had the most wonderful birthday this year!
21/Jul/09 8:26 AM
Thank you for the congrats June! Don took me out for dinner and gave me roses and chocolates! I feel so spoiled and still haven't come back to earth yet.
23/Jul/09 8:56 AM
Thank you for the birthday greetings.

On the jigsaw. right click on the picture when complete, and zoom in. You should be able to read the sign then.
28/Jul/09 1:40 PM
June dear, I believe the other day you asked where the new mothers were, that used to entertain you.
Well, seems to me you answered your own question. "New Mommys." I did get a chuckle out of your question.
We are trying to figure out the horrible saying, "Sleep when your baby More...
28/Jul/09 8:50 PM
Thanks for dropping by with your birthday wishes, June! You made my day very special by taking the time to think of me. Have a wonderful week (and I will indeed help myself to a glass of bubbly and a cookie!)
05/Aug/09 1:01 AM
Thank You for the birthday wish.
11/Aug/09 8:33 AM
Hello June! Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! I appreciate them. I had a very nice birthday this year! All of my "Sudoku Friends" made it very special! Have a great day!
11/Aug/09 11:52 PM
Oh yes! Thank you, also, for the goodies! They were very yummy!
11/Aug/09 11:53 PM
Hello June. Please wish Laura for me. I hope she has a wonderful day with lots of presents. I can't believe she is four already!
13/Aug/09 2:40 AM
Happy 4th Birthday to Laura.

13/Aug/09 5:44 PM
Hi June
Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. I think our next trip to Sydney will be Christmas. My wife going to Italy in October so I've got to babysit the cats. We visit the Macquarie Centre which would be prettycentral I imagine.
13/Aug/09 9:06 PM
Thanks for the answer - When I searched for poleys - it said american saddle - as I have never heard this term before - felt it was to close to not be -- my horse sim game is traveling the world with triva question - we will win a "horse" if we get off 6 questions right - I think I'm 3 More...
14/Aug/09 1:01 AM
No apologies necessary June.
Hubby's greetings gratefully received.
We had a lovely day, thank you. He got the usual cards from us in the morning, choccies after I got back from the school run, then we had lunch and a wander around Fountain Gate.
The day ended nicely with takeaway dinner with the kids and watching the final quarter of footy knowing our team had already won!
15/Aug/09 6:05 PM
Thanks for the welcome on my page. I have enjoyed this site for a while, but just joined. I am trying to move from "Hard" to "Tough" but haven't had enough practice with the notations to follow the proofs.
PS I love scones!
18/Aug/09 10:01 PM
June I look forward to a face to face discussion on French polishing. It is on my list closely followed by an upholstery course...
22/Aug/09 4:09 PM
Dear June.

For your lovely wishes and your very kind greetings.
Kevin is now 4 years and had enjoyed his birthday party here in Cairo Aug.19th.
Many thanks and all our best wishes to you.
25/Aug/09 2:33 PM
I must be old fashioned too June! Even Dana, who has never cared before, doesn't like going to work without straightening her hair first - not that her hair will ever be completely straight!
30/Aug/09 4:58 PM
Thank you June for your birthday wishes, I had a great day and weekend, this year is going to be the best.
14/Sep/09 12:16 PM
G'day June,

Sorry you couldn't get a room with a view.

As for the picture, I got lucky. We were walking along the lake trail, I looked up, and there it was. But I really appreciate your comment.

16/Sep/09 9:49 AM
Thanks June. It's been nice, and my daughter is still here visiting.
19/Sep/09 1:33 AM
Amazing dust picture, June! It is scary, but beautiful. Have a lovely day - keep your windows and doors shut tight!
23/Sep/09 7:16 AM
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