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Thank you for the birthday wishes, June!
I spent a little time looking at your precious Laura. What a cutie! I believe she is going to be quite the horsewoman.
03/Mar/09 8:46 AM
Hi June! Thanks for the birthday greetings! I had a quiet day, but went out to dinner with Rob. I'll see the kids on Sunday - out to dinner again, so two bites of the cherry! (And no washing up!) Yes, we got rain - the best present, really! (though there are still some ants around, but you can't More...
03/Mar/09 11:07 PM
Dear June - Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated.
07/Mar/09 11:42 PM
Hi June - Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm just starting to figure out how to send messages. I didn't realize that so much communication is not on the jigsaw page. Soon I'll figure out how to make my page more interesting. And how to upload my own pictures.
10/Mar/09 2:02 AM
oh help June don't go encouraging my hubby any more about his photographic skills - he spends more than enough time on photos as it is! No the photo thing is just a hobby, ut certainly one that takes up a lot of his time. Looking at your pics you seem to have done a trip very similar to my parents More...
13/Mar/09 4:27 AM
Hi June, thank you for the anniversary wishes, we had a great day!
21/Mar/09 7:51 AM
June, very many thanks for your anniversary wishes. We look forward to our Ghan trip with great excitement. See you at the BBQ.
24/Mar/09 5:37 AM
How nice it was of you to stop in and leave birthday wishes for me on my 60th June. Thank goodness you didn't light 60 candles or I might have had a fire here. You helped make my day special. Cheers!
31/Mar/09 8:16 AM
for the birthday wishes and the bubbly.
03/Apr/09 4:50 AM
Good morning June. I see you often here at this time of the morning. I like to fit in time for a couple of puzzles before work. Gets the brain going, I suppose! My son's football was cancelled because of the rain, so got a sleep in this morning! Have a good day, won't you? :)
04/Apr/09 8:42 AM
Thankyou. I'll let you know if anything changes. I know it would be very exciting to meet some of the Sudokuland family. Have you caught up with some of them before?
04/Apr/09 9:07 AM
By the way, I didn't get around to thanking you for my birthday message. Better late than never! I had a great day and an excellent week, thanks for the thought.
I'm off now, my daughter is dancing this morning with her class for Youth Week, here in Blacktown. Have a great day, and I'll see you around x
04/Apr/09 9:19 AM
Hi June,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's been a lovely week for me, with out-of-town visitors, two cakes, homemade ice cream, and a party! LOL Now it's time to start walking to the park...

05/Apr/09 3:33 PM
Hi June, thank you for your birthday message, I had a wonderful time celebrating with family & friends.
I'm looking forward to Friday, is there anything in particular you'd like me to bring?
05/Apr/09 4:48 PM
June I'm a Gran of a beautiful five year old boy. The new grandchild will be in Perth W.A.a long way, miles wise but only a phone or a email away.
I'm sure you will enjoy your break in Tassie. Strahan has become a very touristy town,a lot of grey nomad at this time of the year.and you and yours More...
05/Apr/09 6:08 PM
Hey June, It was so nice of you to send me birthday wishes yesterday.
I've also enjoyed seeing your photo gallery too. I love seeing where people go and their families and so on. Makes us all part of a big club.
Cheers, Kate Ox.
08/Apr/09 12:02 AM
June, thank you ever so much for a wonderful BBQ this afternoon. Anne and I had a great time meeting new and old friends. I'm sure our guests enjoyed it too.
10/Apr/09 4:34 PM
Allow me to second that Ian! June! I enjoyed seeing you and Sharon, Ian and Anne and Bluey again and meeting new-old Sudoku friends. And Leia enjoyed playing with Laura too!
10/Apr/09 5:50 PM
And allow me to third that Kate!! A wonderful afternoon seemed to be had by all, and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you once again for all the trouble you went to, and for palceing your loely home at our disposal!! Has Ken finished the dishes yet???
10/Apr/09 8:51 PM
My proof reading skills were then obviously totally non-existent. "Placing your lovely" placing your lovely home!!
10/Apr/09 8:55 PM
And over the page!!
10/Apr/09 8:55 PM
Well, math was never my strong point, must wait another 18 or so!!!
10/Apr/09 8:57 PM
just hopping in to wish you a very Happy Easter and a season full of joy! More...
10/Apr/09 11:55 PM
Margaret and I also had a great afternoon at your BBQ yesterday.Nice to meet you and your family.Also made some comments on the tough page.Thanks a lot.
11/Apr/09 1:26 AM
Hi June, Wishing you a
11/Apr/09 12:55 PM
June, I hope you're doing ok after your fall and all of the work you put into the bbq. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
12/Apr/09 12:18 AM
Hi June, just wanted to thank you and Ken for all the time and effort you put into Friday's BBQ. It was a wonderful day and I was sorry I had to go early. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and am looking forward to doing it all again at Broni's in May.
PS - I have a photo of "the BBQ More...
14/Apr/09 8:29 PM
Thanks so much for the Birthday greetings, Spring has finally arrived here and I am enjoying hiking in the Morton Arboretum - the spring flowers are in bloom. Take care, Mary
19/Apr/09 7:16 AM
Have a wonderful trip! I will miss you! I'm so glad you have your new camera to take with you. STKI is such fun...
Can't wait to hear how it went.
20/Apr/09 5:59 AM
Have a wonderful holiday June!
20/Apr/09 6:31 AM
June and Ken, have a great time in Tassie.. Enjoy the R & R.
20/Apr/09 9:46 AM
Bon Voyage June and Ken! Have a fantastic time in Tassie and get the much needed relaxation you both deserve!
20/Apr/09 9:20 PM
June, for all your wonderful birthday wishes oh so long ago. It certainly was a full-on week. Hannah and I went to Bean's for lunch on the day and that was great, but having the gathering here on the weekend for Keith and Lynne made it a week to More...
25/Apr/09 4:18 PM
Hey June Bug!
I haven't been on SA much at all so I am so far behind what is going on with everyone. Did see you just returned from a trip to Tassie?
I'm hoping when I come this fall that there will be a cheap Ferry fare to get me across - would love to see eaa. Can't wait to see you More...
04/May/09 7:00 AM
Just wanted to get you the dates of my trip down-under: Arriving in Melbourne Oct. 23rd - returning to SF from Melbourne Nov. 11th.
I so hope to visit with you in Sydney and am hoping that Suzy will be able to make the trip, too.
Glad you and Ken enjoyed your time in Tassie - sounded wonderful to me.
04/May/09 11:01 PM
Thank you for the 40th anniversary wishes! It was truely a wonderful day for us. A day to treasure!
04/May/09 11:28 PM
Thanks for the 40th anniversary wishes! It was truely a wonderful day for us! ...it was like the icing on our cake of life! (And, yes! I'm still in love after all these years!)
05/May/09 12:24 AM
Am I repeating myself or what???
(Well, thanks ...again! After all... Three times a charm!)
05/May/09 12:29 AM
Thank you for your birthday wishes, I had a lovely day and plan on having a lovely year as well! I hope you plan on doing the same.

Take care and be well,
Aimee :)
07/May/09 3:30 AM
Gee, I wish it was this year I get to come!!! But! Just hearing from you made up for some of that. I'm feeling better. I don't mind saying I'm $%&* years old. Ah #$*%, darn, #*$&%, still can't say it!!! giggle snort!
13/May/09 12:21 PM
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