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Hello June, and I hope your day was as peaceful, pleasant, and uneventful as ours was!! My very best to all of you!! Am just waiting for the last of the young ones to come home. Am out of the habit of it now, and wonder if I was always this anxious about them. We have had a lovely, if very muggy day, and this rain is very welcome. Hope the rest of the break continues in this vein.
25/Dec/09 10:26 PM
Dear June,
Thank you for your b-day wishes !
Happy New Year !
27/Dec/09 12:11 AM
Hi June.
Thank's for your welcome to the site. Will keep in contact, Wish you have a safe and Happy New-Year.
30/Dec/09 7:20 AM
June, thank you for your birthday greeting. Our family left the day after Christmas, so we went to the coast for a couple of days and just got home this afternoon.

I didn't realize that I was the first Sudoku person you met! You are my first, and my only so far! You and Ken put us at More...
30/Dec/09 10:38 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June. I'm having a terrific day so far, even though I had to go to work!
05/Jan/10 6:26 PM
Thanks for birthday wishes for yesterday 13th, haven't had time to get to computer until now so hopefully I am able to cut & paste this & send to all the thoughtful people who took time to visit my page.
14/Jan/10 5:25 PM
June, a very to you.

Now promise me you wont work too hard! Woman never stops...

Take time to have a cyber drink with me.

15/Jan/10 12:03 AM
Hello June! - Happy Birthday to you! I hope your special day is filled with joy!
15/Jan/10 12:36 AM
June - have the happiest birthday ever. I hope the year ahead is filled with unexpected blessings.
15/Jan/10 1:11 AM
Hope you find a lttle time to celebrate your birthday June, such a shame Ken had to go away.
15/Jan/10 1:48 AM
Happy Birthday June! Love your main photo - sure would be nice to see some flowers and greenery around here instead of snow right now!
15/Jan/10 2:04 AM
Happy birthday June, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends. Much love x
15/Jan/10 3:14 AM
It's your special day June! Have a happy one! x
15/Jan/10 3:15 AM
Well June, it's your birthday, so kick up your heels and enjoy! Happy birthday, and I hope it (and all your future birthdays) are filled with family, friends and fun to make your day special! Cheers!
15/Jan/10 4:24 AM
Hi June,
Just stopping in with warm birthday wishes for you, I hope your day is everything you dreamed it would be and then some and that you get your new year on our Earth off to a wonderful start!

Take care and be well,
Aimee :)
15/Jan/10 5:00 AM
Have to stop by to lisen to your song and to wish you a Happy Birthday - Enjoy your special day, - Mary
15/Jan/10 5:08 AM
, June! I always enjoy our time "together" on the site, and I hope that you have a glorious and rewarding day!
15/Jan/10 5:47 AM
Happy Birthday, June!
Enjoy your day!

You will love Egypt! Will you be More...
15/Jan/10 9:19 AM
June hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunshine.
15/Jan/10 9:24 AM
June, I just played your Unicorn song on Utube haven't heard it in yonks, now I'll be singing it all day long.LOL
15/Jan/10 9:31 AM
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
15/Jan/10 9:32 AM
Hi June, Happy Birthday! I hope you are totally spoilt today (as you are usually the one doing the spoiling) best wishes for today that last throughout the year ♥♥
15/Jan/10 10:01 AM
June. Quit that manual labor stuff and go out to a nice dinner.
15/Jan/10 10:32 AM
Hello June, and please allow me to add my very best wishes on this your very special day!!!
Painting ceilings??? On your birthday??? What are you thinking of girl??? Down tools at once!!!
Seriously, I hope your day is filled with more laughter than coughing, and that Laura doesn't blow out your candles first!! Cheers!!
15/Jan/10 11:19 AM
PS Have a wonderful trip!!
15/Jan/10 11:21 AM
Wishing you all the best for today.
15/Jan/10 12:05 PM
Happy, happy birthday, June! I hope your special day and the upcoming year bring you all the best.

15/Jan/10 12:41 PM
Hi June - my very best wishes for a wonderful birthday today and for the coming year. Enjoy today, whatever you are doing. I forgot we almost shared a birthday!
15/Jan/10 12:42 PM
June! I hope you are having an absolutely fantastic day!!!
15/Jan/10 1:47 PM
June, hope you have a wonderful day and finish the painting. Take care my friend, I will have a drink for you tonight when I get home. Safe travels.
15/Jan/10 1:50 PM
Enjoy your special day. Wishing you peace, health & happiness today & through out the year.
15/Jan/10 3:31 PM
Happy Birthday Dear June.
I hope you enjoy this very special day.
Wishing you all the best for you.
15/Jan/10 7:28 PM
June! A day late, but the wishes are just as heartfelt!
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
16/Jan/10 12:04 AM
Just read your B'message to CynB!
I'll have to remember that in a few years!
(Fewer years than it seems it should be!)
16/Jan/10 12:30 AM
to you!
to you!
to you-oo!
to you!
16/Jan/10 12:49 AM
I cannot believe that I forgot to leave a b'day message on your page! I More...
16/Jan/10 1:23 AM
Oh dear, June, as the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland said, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date." Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. As evidenced by the MANY greetings on your page, you are well loved by your worldwide friends in Sudokuland, including me! Hope you not only More...
16/Jan/10 2:24 AM
I'm also sorry that I missed your birthday yesterday.I hope you had an enjoyable day(not scraping paint) for the majority of it.
Did Ken contact you from Vietnam?
Take care and once again
16/Jan/10 4:34 AM
Hi June, Anne and I have just returned from a wonderful three weeks away in the motorhome and I see that I have missed your birthday by just one day. We would like to wish you a belated but genuine Happy Birthday - I'll try to get it right next year. Hope you had a very happy day.
16/Jan/10 5:43 AM
June, I'm also joining in with belated birthday wishes for yesterday. I hope you had a great day even if you were painting.
Have a wonderful time on all the upcoming trips away.
16/Jan/10 9:13 AM
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