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Hi June,

Many thanks for stopping by and leaving birthday wishes. We are having an absolute ball over here and it's the best birthday ever. We also celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary and Roberts birthday as well, so we really celebrate well!!
Thanks again June, take care
23/Jun/10 9:32 AM
June, just dropping by your lovely place for a visit and to bring greetings to a fellow insomniac! Doesn't that make you crazy? It's as if the minute I crawl into bed, someone clicks my ON switch. Then back I go to the sofa, turn on the television and wait for sleep to overtake me... I share your .
26/Jun/10 6:24 AM
Hi June - thank you for wishing me a happy birthday! I had a nice puzzle-free weekend!!
28/Jun/10 8:08 PM
Thanks for the bday wishes!
01/Jul/10 12:59 PM
Hi June, I'm just popping in to say thank you for the birthday wishes you sent last month. I have not been able to get on this site for awhile now as after my dad's died I have been helping my mum out a bit, also looking after my two granddaughters when my daughter-in-law has a job. She is a photographer.
12/Jul/10 9:40 PM
For the wonderfully warm birthday greeting. It is so fabulous to have sudoku-family from all over the world share in my birthday.
17/Jul/10 11:42 PM
Thanks June for the Happy Birthday Wishes for my boy Stephen
20/Jul/10 10:09 PM
June, for the birthday greetings. My Sudoku family from all over the world is the best.
22/Jul/10 3:21 AM
June, I stopped by your lovely garden to chatter with the birds and to say thanks for sending along such warm birthday wishes! What a treat and privilege to be remembered in such a special way.
02/Aug/10 4:24 AM
Dear June.

Many thanks for your lovely words and the very kindly congratulation to SANDY's wedding.
You can enjoy my photos Albums on my pacebook pages where I added a new Album ,you will enjoy it .
Wishing all of you a very nice day.
12/Aug/10 6:36 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, June. My Sudoku family is just great! You have all helped make it a very special day!
12/Aug/10 9:49 AM
12/Aug/10 6:23 PM
Happy Birthday to Laura
13/Aug/10 4:15 PM
Thanks for your Birthday wishes. Mom flew up here for the weekend and we celebrated with a huge 10½" Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie. I have to admit it was one of my best and hope you enjoy a piece with me for breakfast/lunch.

It was 100° both days over the weekend - was More...
17/Aug/10 2:51 AM
On behalf of animal keepers every where I dub thee St. June for taking care of a farm with large animals so the owners could be away. We can not go anywhere unless at least one of us stays home, and that means no family outings that won't have us home for morning chores and evening chores. I am More...
01/Sep/10 9:40 PM
Hi June,

Thanks for the birthday wishes, no chance to get out on the boat but had an impromptu get together with friends I had not seen in a long time.

Love to you and yours,
13/Sep/10 5:25 PM
Hi, June! Thank you so much for the birthday greetings! I had a wonderful weekend and ate enough to last until my next birthday!!!
16/Sep/10 10:06 AM
Thanks June. It was a nice day, low key, just like I like.
19/Sep/10 5:04 AM
June, what an interesting gallery you have! It was fun to see photos from so many places, but your own backyard is beautiful and inviting. I did notice you didn't have any from the southwestern United States, but then parts of it remind me of photos I've seen of western Australia. You need to come visit here, too! Thank you for the birthday greeting; it helped make my day even better!
21/Sep/10 7:18 AM
Hi June... jsut dropping by to say I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. I will try and keep your daughters in line ... long distance... LOL I'm looking forward to the next 'fence' instalments. Oh boy. I hope you come home to find that one sorted! Have had some very entertaining More...
24/Sep/10 5:14 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, June! Hope you have a great holiday. Take care.
25/Sep/10 10:39 PM
Hi, June:
A belated thank you for your kind birthday wishes!

08/Nov/10 4:09 AM
Hello June,
No, we didn't do the White Pass RR on this trip. We did it on two previous trips though. And you're right, it is an amazing ride. But Katelyn wanted to do a zip line... and it was her trip.
08/Nov/10 2:20 PM
Hello June - thank you for taking the time to visit my Photo Gallery and for your lovely comment on the sunset photo.
Anne x
11/Nov/10 6:58 PM
Thank you for the information about the opera house. I wondered if it was an outdoor stadium. Hard to tell how big it was.
16/Nov/10 11:10 AM
Hi, June! Thank you so much for the warm birthday greetings! (We could use some actual warmth right now, as we've been having temperatures below freezing.) I hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! {{{HUGS}}} to all, including your friend!
28/Nov/10 9:40 AM
Hello June. Thank you so much for your note. It was very kind. I've had quite a bit on my plate of late healthwise but hopefully in the New Year things will settle. How is everyone in your family? I hope you are all doing well and that life is good. It seems strange being on the site, it has been such an age since I have visited regularly. Take care xx
30/Nov/10 3:51 AM
Hi June. Thanks for stopping by my page with birthday greetings. I love coming to your page & seeing that lovely picture of your yard & the birds feeding - please don't ever change it! By the way, are those TWO kookaburras I see on the table? I should get to bed as it is now 12:25 AM on Dec. 4 (stateside!). Must rest up for day two of my celebration
04/Dec/10 4:27 PM
Hi June. Nice to see you posting on the tough too. All the best to you and the family for the holiday season.

05/Dec/10 1:36 AM
Hi June.
Very very glad to hear from you.
We miss you too much.
Thanks for the information about Kate's photo.
Infact I enjoy my time here as I can.
You are correct Las Vegas is Lost Vegas.
My best wishes to all of you.
06/Dec/10 4:09 AM
Thank you for the Birthday wishes June,I had a busy but wonderful day.
12/Dec/10 10:38 PM
Many thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great day with family and friends (including the posts in here)

Ebob came for dinner..
14/Dec/10 7:14 AM
Dear Jund.


Wishing All of You A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year 2011.

16/Dec/10 3:57 PM
Hi June,
I just wanted to send season's greetings to you and all your loved ones. I know you celebrate Christmas, so I hope you enjoy the season and have a wonderful time, and my best wishes for a happy new year as well. Take care, enjoy, have fun and know you have friends out there thinking of you. Cheers!
21/Dec/10 8:52 AM
Happy solstice to you, June!
22/Dec/10 4:16 AM
June, wishing you & your family
23/Dec/10 3:22 PM
June - A most Happy Holiday to you and yours. Sending love and holiday hugs. More...
24/Dec/10 1:27 AM
June,Brenda,Rolanda,Kate, Thank you each and every one of you, for making my birthday speacial, ♥♥♥♥.
24/Dec/10 10:28 AM

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
24/Dec/10 8:26 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
26/Dec/10 7:11 AM
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