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June, thank you for the birthday greeting. It is heartwarming to receive messages from all over the world! I'm having a great, two-day celebration. Yesterday I had lunch with friends. Today I'll celebrate with family - and hopefully spend some time sitting by the fireplace reading. We're More...
30/Dec/10 3:04 AM
01/Jan/11 5:02 PM
Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, June!
01/Jan/11 6:24 PM
Thank you for the birthday greeting. It's so nice to hear from so many people all over the world. I had a great day. I get to the SA page once in a while. Commit a post & run. All the best to you and your family in the new year.
05/Jan/11 5:22 AM
Hi June, thanks for visiting my page to wish me happy birthday. It should be a good day - any day not spent at work is a good one!
05/Jan/11 8:16 AM
Thanks June. Now that Scott has 'semi-retired' we spend a LOT of time together...just as well we like each other, isn't it?!
The homestead we visited is Mont De Lancy, in Wandin, a real step back in time!
07/Jan/11 9:00 PM
Hi June - I was right, it IS today!!
15/Jan/11 12:05 AM
Um, that should be 'year'!
15/Jan/11 12:05 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
(Now make a wish and blow out your candles!)
15/Jan/11 12:18 AM
June, love and best wishes and hugs all round
15/Jan/11 12:22 AM

15/Jan/11 12:39 AM
to you, June! I hope you have a great day! I always enjoy visiting your beautiful yard!
15/Jan/11 12:55 AM
Happy Birthday, June. Here's hoping this is the best year yet all around.
15/Jan/11 1:12 AM
my dear friend! I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration. Wishing you the best in the coming year. Birthday love and hugs to you!
15/Jan/11 1:14 AM
June! May you have a lovely day - but don't forget to do the puzzle!!
15/Jan/11 1:32 AM
Happy Birthday, June. I hope you have a wonderful day!!
15/Jan/11 2:50 AM
Hope you have a lovely day June.
15/Jan/11 3:41 AM
Happy Birthday June. I hope it is a wonderful year for you.
15/Jan/11 5:05 AM
June, Anne and I wish you a very Happy birthday. I expect that your good man will serve you breakfast in bed this morning and take you out to a celebratory dinner tonight. Have a wonderful day. Love, Ian & Anne
15/Jan/11 5:36 AM
My best wishes to you on your birthday June. Have a super day, and enjoy many more birthdays in the coming years! Cheers!
15/Jan/11 6:09 AM
June,have a wonderful fun filled day.
15/Jan/11 7:03 AM

Enjoy your day, June!
15/Jan/11 7:33 AM
Happy Birthday June - with many more to follow!! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of food, family and fun
15/Jan/11 8:21 AM

15/Jan/11 8:52 AM
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
15/Jan/11 9:22 AM
June, hope you day is special and may the coming year bring only joy to you life.
15/Jan/11 9:35 AM
June, have a wonderful, special day.
15/Jan/11 9:46 AM
from and big licks from Merlin
15/Jan/11 10:15 AM
Hope you have a great celebration with your loved ones
15/Jan/11 10:21 AM
, June! It's a pleasure to know you!
15/Jan/11 12:17 PM
A very June ! May you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends.
All the best,
Anne x
15/Jan/11 12:30 PM
to you.
to you.
dear June,
to you.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many more.
15/Jan/11 1:29 PM
Hope your special day is wonderful.
15/Jan/11 2:36 PM
Hope you have a wonderful day.
15/Jan/11 7:18 PM
Hi June. Happy Belated Birthday! I am sorry to be late with my wishes. Celia & I have been gabbing almost nonstop, & I haven't had time for Sudoku. Glad you had only a quick visit at the hospital! Hope you later enjoyed a nice day with your family.
16/Jan/11 1:41 AM
Hope you are feeling better now that are out of hospital and you've had your birthday celebrations. I know that friends & family are sometimes the best medicine, but please take care of yourself now that the celebrations are over.
16/Jan/11 2:17 AM
Hi June, thank you so much for your lovely New Year's message!!
Yes, I have not been on much for a long while, but have recently been back in sudoku mode, trying to do the 'hard' puzzle every day, and making the occasional comment.
I have just returned from a summer holiday with family, and More...
17/Jan/11 10:57 PM
Oh, and i just realised what i missed...
I hope you really had a lovely birthday too!!
17/Jan/11 10:59 PM
Thanks June, I am so sorry you have had this latest bout of dramas, I would have thought you and yours had enough on your plate. I have everything crossed for your friend xxx
As for the storm that went through here, we had horizontal rain! We only ended up with a few branches down, though hubby More...
20/Jan/11 9:29 AM
Oh June! That sounds like so much fun! I would love to sit in your yard and watch the birds! What a relaxing day that would be!
21/Jan/11 12:09 AM
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