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Hi June, I think you're in Melbourne by now but thank you for the birthday wishes for myself and Madeline. We both enjoyed our days. xx
18/Jan/10 2:24 PM
Ooh! and I turned the page for you!
18/Jan/10 2:25 PM
Thanks June for the Happy Anniversary wishes.

and Happy Belated Birthday to you for the 15th

21/Jan/10 11:20 AM
Thank you so much June, hope all you wish for me returns to you multiplied. ♥♥
26/Jan/10 6:39 PM
June, just buzzing through with
28/Jan/10 11:10 PM
Thank you for visiting my page and my birthday wishes
31/Jan/10 10:14 AM
Hello June, and have a wonderful holiday!!! No wonder you haven't been sleeping well lately!
02/Feb/10 9:46 AM
Hi June - hope you have a wonderful trip! :)
02/Feb/10 9:47 AM
Hi June and thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry that I'm late with this. Glad to hear that you're off on holiday..have fun!!!!
02/Feb/10 6:40 PM
June have a wonderful Trip !!!
02/Feb/10 9:49 PM
June & Ken we will
and will be
03/Feb/10 1:20 AM
Sweetheart! Won't you be mine???
14/Feb/10 2:18 AM
Dear June.
Der Ken.
Back home .
27/Feb/10 6:49 AM
Welcome back to the Land Down Under June and Ken.
Looking forward to your photos.
28/Feb/10 8:10 PM
I was just looking at your Egypt photos, June. Isn't it a great place to visit? How nice you got to meet Wagdy!
02/Mar/10 9:35 AM
dear june.
ia'm glad to read your every knd words of me welcome and you about your vist to alexandria and egypt. hope y injoyed your vist to my city.
03/Mar/10 12:41 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, June!
03/Mar/10 3:10 AM
Hi June, thank you for the birthday wishes!
I looked through your photos - they are lovely; I hope I get to see those places myself one day. My Laura went to see, and play with, tigers on her last holiday - she really loved it! :D
03/Mar/10 12:37 PM
Welcome home, June. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your photos. Your trip looked so fun and adventurous...plus pretty plush at times, too!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Hugs...good to have you back!
04/Mar/10 2:03 AM
I have really enjoyed looking through your interesting travel photos - the last two (the ones on Flickr) are spectacular. You have a lovely fireplace too - one difference between yours and mine is that yours is CLEAN!!
04/Mar/10 3:20 AM
June, I enjoyed your wonderful photos. What an amazing journey. Thank you for sharing with us.
04/Mar/10 7:30 AM
I also have just finished looking at your wonderful photos June, and if they are anything to judge by you had a most amazing trip. To finish up with a muddy Laura, and that wonderful day in Sydney just put the icing on the cake. Thank you!!
04/Mar/10 3:35 PM
Hello June - Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like you had a great trip!
05/Mar/10 12:46 AM
Your pictures are magnificent, June! I enjoyed traveling with you!
05/Mar/10 12:58 PM
June, just had a chance to look at your photos. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
06/Mar/10 1:37 PM
Hi June. I just spent some time looking at all the pictures you posted of your and Ken's trip to the middle east. Wonderful, and great memories for you to enjoy.
13/Mar/10 3:23 AM
Happy St. Patty's Day!
17/Mar/10 1:49 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June. You helped to make my day just a little more cheerful! Take care and stay smiling!
25/Mar/10 5:28 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love this site. I get lonely.
02/Apr/10 4:03 AM
Just hopping by to wish you a very More...
04/Apr/10 2:13 AM
Hi June, thank you for your birthday wishes, I had a lovely day. Yes, we need more visitors, it doesn't seem like 12 months since Keith & Lynne were here last Easter!
05/Apr/10 12:09 PM
June, thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me last week, I had so much fun reading all the posts. I can't believe it took me so long to look at your holiday snaps, they were breathtaking.
The family went out to dinner that night, then the next day we had yet another party for my More...
21/Apr/10 9:28 PM
Thank you for the Birthday wish! I haven't talk to you in a while. Hope all is well! I "see" Sharon and Belinda all the time. I love the photo on this page! Very lovely setting! Take care!♥
04/May/10 7:22 AM
Thanks June, for the Birthday Greetings. ♥
16/May/10 11:48 AM

26/May/10 12:21 PM
June for the birthday wishes.
26/May/10 12:24 PM
Three days of celebrating are enough reminder that I am getting older. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

28/May/10 12:34 AM
June, your trip sounds fabulous. I have been to Hawaii a couple of times, ready to go back any time. The cruise back through Tahati really sounds fun. Have a good time!
28/May/10 6:01 AM
Thank you so much for the birthday message.
05/Jun/10 7:04 AM
June, Thank you so much for visiting my page and leaving lovely birthday greetings. You helped make my day very special.

Hope you enjoyed your bus trip, did not hear you say.

Hugs from Tricia
19/Jun/10 3:12 AM
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