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welcome to Sudokuland Eri.
09/Mar/08 3:42 AM
I'm stopping by to say hi and welcome you to Sudoku. You are welcome to visit my page any time!!! Cheers!
09/Mar/08 3:49 AM
Welcome Eri, and congratulations on the upcoming family member! I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. That should handle a wee bit of your chocolate cravings! You can respond to people by clicking on the 'check out More...
09/Mar/08 3:52 AM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

09/Mar/08 3:54 AM
to your own page, Eri!
I have brought a pot of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup for you and your guests
I live very near the Chesapeake Bay, so I'm in a very "crabby" area! More...
09/Mar/08 4:30 AM
Eri, to your own page here in Sudokuland. Dropping off a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Feel welcome to visit may page.
09/Mar/08 5:16 AM
Hello Eri - to your own page in the land of Sudoku. I left a loaf of banana nut bread on your table. Please stop by for a visit sometime.
09/Mar/08 6:03 AM
welcome to the wacky world of sudoku Eri. I'm in your part of the country. have a good one.
09/Mar/08 6:07 AM

a warm welcome from our cold country. Enjoy yourseld in Sudokuland and come and visit.
09/Mar/08 6:50 AM
and Just up and over the river from you - near Chicago. I'm just waiting for the spring to come to our area, enjoy your day.
09/Mar/08 9:36 AM
to your special page. Love seeing that you already have some photos. You will enjoy being a member.
09/Mar/08 9:45 AM
Eri, you will enjoy your time here if you are a bit wacky like the rest of us!
09/Mar/08 10:39 AM
Hi Eri, seems as though you have plenty of yummy things to eat, I suppose you can't drink at present, so save this bottle of Western Australia'a best wine for the christening. When is the baby due?
09/Mar/08 11:24 AM
Hi Eri,
Just calling in to welcome you to Sukokuland and congratulate you on your impending new arrival. Motherhood is the best and most fulfilling job you'll ever have.
I'll leave you a few gifts-
09/Mar/08 12:46 PM
Welcome, Eri. Looks like you've had lots of visitors already. I will leave you some chocolate buckeyes (gotta have chocolate when you're pregnant!) and a glass of very vanilla soy milk. If you ever get morning sickness, try a Wendy's Frosty - they work great!
09/Mar/08 1:16 PM
Gday and Eri.
All the very best for your future with bubs.
I will leave this bottle of Aussie bubbly for you to 'wet the baby's head' when he/she arrives.
Drop over to my page sometime and meet my 4 babies...aged 14-24! I look forward to seeing you there.
09/Mar/08 5:24 PM
Hi Eri and welcome.

This site has been one of my lifelines over the past couple of years - there is always someone to talk to in the middle of the night when you are up feeding the baby! When are you due? Have a great day!
09/Mar/08 9:53 PM
Eri, and to welcome you to your own page here in Sudokuland.

to celebrate you joining us.
Hope you have as much fun in here as we all do.
11/Mar/08 1:50 AM
Love the cold heach picture, where was it taken? Was it cold enough that you actually saw some snow? That is one of the things on my to do list is to see it snow at the beach. I cannot picture what it would possible look like, or even if it can happen. Do respond if you have any insight. Thanks!

Take care,
Aimee :-)
11/Mar/08 2:48 AM
Thanks for the response. I am very familiar with that beach. Our family vacations often in OCMD. In fact we are headed there in June, first time in a couple years. As many times as we have been there we have never gone to see the wild horses. To busy soaking up the rays at the beach, More...
11/Mar/08 9:17 AM
A tell, did you get your camera out, did you manage to get their autograph...please tell.

15/Mar/08 12:30 AM
Eri, what fantastic news, I must admit I had no idea you where expecting a little one. I'm so happy for you.
Major Congratulations.
05/Apr/08 12:21 AM
What wonderful news about your pregnancy and getting over some early hurdles. Now you can move to enjoying this time,and please enjoy it! You will never be the same, giving birth is truly a miracle, but the journey to get to that point is equally a miracle. Marvel at every change and start picking out some awesome names!!!

Take care,
Aimee :-)
05/Apr/08 12:59 AM
I'm so happy to hear your great news! Wishing you a happy, healthy, rest-of-the pregnancy!
05/Apr/08 2:10 AM
Eri, I knew you were expecting but I didn't know you had been experiencing difficulties. So pleased to read your news today. Thank you for sharing.
Wishing you continued health and happiness for the rest of the pregnancy, and beyond of course.
Take care,
05/Apr/08 8:24 AM
Congratulations!! What fantabulous news!! Wishing you all the best for the future....
05/Apr/08 12:54 PM
Dear Eri,
Congratulations!!! Wow a baby boy to brighten your days and nights (the lights that go on in the middle of the night for hungry babies are very bright to sleepy eyes!) Save the California wine More...
05/Apr/08 1:36 PM
Hi Eri! I am happy to hear the good news of your pregnancy & to know that you have more assurance now of having a healthy baby boy. All those tests they do nowadays seem to add to the stress of early pregnancy, don't you think? I had three daughters, then two granddaughters & was wishing More...
06/Apr/08 12:58 AM
Hi Eri. How did I miss saying hello to a St. Louisan? While I now live in Jupiter (Spring Training home of the StL Cardinals) I grew up in St. Louis. And I can prove it by asking the "St. Louis question:"
Where did you go to high school? (I am Kirkwood 1976, UMR 1980) Out-of-towners More...
12/Apr/08 6:22 AM
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I appreciate your thinking of me. I had a wonderful time spending it with my family who I am fortunate that we all live close by; mom, brother, sister and her husband.

I hope you won't mind, but when I saw your message I was also thinking More...
07/May/08 1:37 AM
Eri, I am so glad to hear that everything is going well. i hope you are taking this time to be especially good to yourself, because once you deliver that bundle of joy (and wiggles) your life will start going into fast motion and you'll wonder when the next time you can take a long bath, or read a More...
08/May/08 3:43 AM
Hi Eri! Just stopped by to see how you were doing. Are you getting close to your due date?
Hope all is well...
09/May/08 1:09 PM
Dear Eri,
Thank you so much for your caring message after Mum's death. The love and support from everyone on this wonderful site has been just amazing and very much appreciated. I have been overwhelmed with kindness.
19/May/08 4:43 PM
Taking the time to say thank you for your message of love and support through the tough times with my mum, and her death. My heart has been lifted by the warmth and love shown to me here.
05/Jun/08 12:47 AM
Eri, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bouquet of roses to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
02/Jul/08 12:06 AM
to you, Enjoying a nice cool summer morning - to slow at work, so got the day off, Lots of parties are starting up in view of the 4th of July offerring us a 3 day weekend - Taste of Chicago is going on and Naperville's Rib fest and Lisle Eye to the More...
02/Jul/08 12:54 AM
Here comes the cake!
Wishing you happiness today and always
02/Jul/08 1:29 AM
Hi, Eri.

Haven't been here long, so am very glad to take this opportunity to meet you. Hope your birthday is happy and that every "little" thing is going well -- or should I say "growing well."
02/Jul/08 3:08 AM
Happy birthday Eri! I hope you have a special day and enjoy it with family and friends. Cheers (and what is your due date?).
02/Jul/08 7:02 AM
Eri! Have a fantastic day!!!
02/Jul/08 7:21 AM
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