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Happy Anniversary
So pleased that you were able to have a wonderful day together celebrating.
You both deserve that time together today.
(What was the historic home you visited?)
07/Jan/11 8:45 PM
Gail for birthday wishes yesterday 13th. I am trying to grab minutes here & there today to thank every one who took the trouble to post on my page. The day was celebrated at both lunch time & dinner with friends & family.
14/Jan/11 11:56 AM
Thanks for the birthday greetings. Just wish I had been home to read them earlier. Sharon was telling me about a storm in your area but I ended up in hospital before I got to check it out. Hope you did not have any damage. Love to you and hubby.
20/Jan/11 6:46 AM
Hi Gail,
Thanks for the lovely little note I found on my page the other day, Sorry I was a bit slow in replying but I'm a bit slow at everything these days. Anne and I have to travel to Newcastle tomorrow to attend the funeral of an old Air Force friend. It will be a sad occasion, but I look forward to the reunion afterwards.
I'll be in touch.
Thinking of you both.
Love, Ian
25/Jan/11 5:40 AM
Dear Gail.
Many thanks for your lovely thoughts and your very kind words.
I am very sad to what happening now in Egypt while I am in USA as my Daughter and family in Cairo facing a very hard times.
Let pray to our God to protect them and gives the peace to Egypt.
02/Feb/11 1:23 AM
Thanks for thinking of me Gail. We are fine. We have a very strong home but we were really worried as we are only 7 metres above sea level and the storm surge was a big issue. Our power hasn't gone out yet. We wont be able to leave the house until the wind dies down a bit more. It's still around 90 kmh.
03/Feb/11 12:25 PM
Gail for the birthday wishes, I still pop in from time to time to keep up with the gossip & do the puzzles. Spending the day with family & friends, what more could I ask for.
10/Feb/11 3:15 PM
Mary is doing OK now. She had both knees replaced late last year but got an infection in 1 knee & spent 6 weeks in hospital. She goes to water Physio twice a week & is starting to walk without her crutches now all be it very slowly. I'll let her know you were asking after her.
10/Feb/11 3:39 PM
Buckyballs are fun ... and frustrating. If you do get them (I think I paid around $20 US), you'll find out right away they aren't as easy as it looks in the video. If you get any good at them at all, they are kind of addictive ... fair warning.
15/Feb/11 9:06 AM
for the wishes, Gail! Yes, it's been a great birthday! It will finally be over after tomorrow night's family dinner ... and once the weather clears and I do my jump! No weiner stick for you, my dear ... they are reserved for those with ... well ...
21/Feb/11 9:18 AM
Hi Gail,
Sorry I didn't reply to your older post - I have lost my password to get into this site and can only get on when I am on my old computer. It has the password stored and I just jump straight here!
Thank you for the birthday greetings you are most kind.
25/Feb/11 9:02 PM
My dear Gail - Thank you!♥ I couldn't do this again without my friends. Please keep the prayers coming. Thank you!♥
06/Mar/11 6:29 AM
Thanks for all of your notes. You are one special lady!!!!! I hope our paths will cross some day so I can meet you in person.♥
06/Mar/11 7:01 AM
Gail, thanks for your kind words. Knowing Toby he is up on a cloud wagging his tail and playing with your cats. Hubby and I have a trip planned down under for next year to see some of my family. We may meet one of these days.
10/Mar/11 12:25 PM
Hi Gail, thanks for the hugs. I'm feeling ok at the moment - wondering when I'll fall in a screaming heap? Funeral is on Wed. :(
12/Mar/11 5:24 PM
Hi again - I keep thinking about the funeral, and mostly what I feel is dread, because Mum is being so horribly unpleasant to everyone. I keep wondering what she'll do at the funeral ... the mind is boggling quite a bit! And my brother has a "she'll be right!" attitude that seems, to say the least, impractical! Roll on Thursday ... :(
12/Mar/11 8:59 PM
Hi Gail. I just wanted to stop in and thank you for the birthday wishes you sent my way. Yours and everyone else's from the site made my day extra special. Cheers, and stay smiling! Just to let you know that everyone will get the same message as it easier to copy and paste with the finger problems I have. Take care!
29/Mar/11 8:31 AM

Thank you for the birthday wishes/
01/Apr/11 5:08 PM
Hi Gail,

Why not? 'Bout time I meet a new group of people.

03/Apr/11 3:03 PM
Thanks for the update Gail. It'll be me, myself and I........just one coming. Looking forward to meeting some sudokunauts.
03/Apr/11 5:26 PM
Gail, thanks for the names and see you on Sunday,
and no I don't have a split personality/ies!
03/Apr/11 7:02 PM
Thanks Gail for keeping us in your thoughts. I am in an emotional basket case, but I am fine. I had this wonderous miracle growing inside me and learning his likes and dislikes, as much as having another baby scared me, I was also so happy. That little baby that still looked like a tadpole, brought More...
06/Apr/11 12:33 PM
A quick thanks for the invitation and hope to meet the gang again.
10/Apr/11 7:19 PM
Thank you Gail, for your kind wishes. I did have a brilliant day made even more special by the thoughts of my Sudoku friends, and a phone call from my daughter in London. Isn't this site just wonderful!! Ta again, Bluey
13/Apr/11 11:44 AM
Right back at ya, sweet lady!
14/Apr/11 12:50 PM

May you have a great day surrounded by friends and famiy.
15/Apr/11 12:06 AM
Happy Birthday I hope that you have a seriously fun day and get just what you want from your loved ones.
15/Apr/11 12:09 AM
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
15/Apr/11 12:27 AM
Happy Birthday Gail ♪♫♪
Hope you have a great day.
15/Apr/11 12:46 AM
So excited that it's your birthday my dearest bird whisperer! Hope you have a fabulous day and blessings all year long. Sending b'day love and hugs your way (and a special bit of chin music for Punchy Boy)
15/Apr/11 12:47 AM
Happy birthday Gail! I hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated in style! Cheers!
15/Apr/11 1:15 AM
, Gail!
Enjoy your special day with your loved ones!
15/Apr/11 2:02 AM
Happy, happy birthday, Gail!
15/Apr/11 2:35 AM

Happy Birthday, Gail!
Wishing you every happiness today
15/Apr/11 3:24 AM
Enjoy your special day - mine is on Sunday - I picked up birthday cake, some nice strawberries and flowers to brighten my office - there are 3 our us having Birthdays this end of the week !!
15/Apr/11 4:12 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
Now... Make a wish and blow out your candles!
15/Apr/11 5:56 AM
Gail, I am sure you will have a beautiful day and keep celebrating all weekend.
15/Apr/11 5:56 AM
Hi Gail, Just a short note to say HAPPY Birthday to you, have a wonderful day
15/Apr/11 6:50 AM
to you
to you
dear Gail
to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day Gail.
15/Apr/11 6:58 AM
Another year has passed by and you are another year younger. Have a good day and enjoy the planned celebrations
15/Apr/11 7:17 AM
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