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A great big Happy Birthday Gail!! Have a wonderful day.
15/Apr/11 7:50 AM
Ooh, and I turned the page for your birthday, woohoo!!
15/Apr/11 7:51 AM
Gail, instead of a cake I'm sending a bottle, enjoy your day.♥
15/Apr/11 8:56 AM
A very to you, Gail!
I hope you have a lovely day.
15/Apr/11 11:48 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Gsil!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
15/Apr/11 11:54 AM
Happy Birthday, Gail! Enjoy some bubbly!
15/Apr/11 12:49 PM
Hope you have a wonderful day.
15/Apr/11 1:03 PM
Just popped in at lunchtime & noticed your birthday listed. Hope you have a very happy day with family & friends, enjoy the day however you intend to celebrate & don't eat too much cake.
15/Apr/11 1:30 PM
, Gail! Finding you on these pages always brightens my day! Have a wonderful celebration! XO
15/Apr/11 2:55 PM
Dag, hope you have a wonderful day and this year is the best. Luv and
15/Apr/11 4:16 PM
forgot the bubbly
15/Apr/11 4:17 PM
Tiramisu anyone? There's plenty left!
If that's not to your liking, come back for Toy Elephant's birthday cake tomorrow. Her's is an Ice Cream Tutti Frutti Choc Ripple Layer Cake

Thanks for all the greetings, I have had a wonderful day, and have been spoiled rotten More...
15/Apr/11 11:20 PM
Happy Birthday, Gail. I hope you have had a great day!
15/Apr/11 11:59 PM
I just love that "twilight zone" stuff...I really believe we are connected in unseen ways.
So glad everyone was there for your b'day. The desserts sounds so yummy - as do the Tim Tams!
Hugs to you and the gang (including all your 4-footed family!)
18/Apr/11 12:50 AM
Hi Gail, nice to see your reply. got out of the daily routine of coming here, but to get more involvedmany thanks Tony.
18/Apr/11 8:17 PM
Couldn't happen to a nicer person! Glad your b'day came out wonderfully!
19/Apr/11 6:31 AM
Thanks so much for you Birthday wishes. They added to a most enjoyable 2 day celebration.
21/Apr/11 10:54 AM
Gail, thank you for the birthday wishes.
29/Apr/11 1:10 AM
OMG has that time come upon me again?!? Thank you dear friend!
13/May/11 11:37 AM
Thank you Gail, for the birthday messages.
Spent a quiet day at home, The Birthday Dinner will be on Saturday at MIL's place with Hubby, Cherubs + 1, and Mum and MIL.
MIL is cooking the usual Birthday Fare ~ Lamb Roast and Veg, Apple Slice and Custard :)
17/May/11 5:26 PM
Hi Gail I have just sen the message you sent me back in march! River has now had 2 ops cancelled to have Gromets fitted, he had tonsilitis, and right now he has chicken pox. Poor boy he is really going through it! Hopefully we will get a new date through soon. I must stop by more often but mum to 2 More...
18/May/11 6:41 AM
for the wonderful birthday greetings, Gail!
I am sure it was my best ever... even when it poured rain all day!
27/May/11 5:40 AM
Hey Girlfriend! Check out today's "Hard" jigsaw! A wonderful memory of our trip to Phillip Island!
Love you!
03/Jun/11 12:49 AM
Thank You for your welcome Gail.
I know a couple of other members on here such as dido (Mum) and Bean.
Please let me know about any gatherings as I am from "your" Melbourne.
04/Jun/11 10:52 AM

If you want to include dido (Mum), then you will have to wait until Sept. I think a gathering could be fitted in before then.
04/Jun/11 8:00 PM
Hello Gail, and I also did Vici's Cockatoo jigsaw, and thought of you. Hubby and I will be down in Victoria this next week staying at Templestowe Lower, if that is anywhere near to you? We then go down the Great Ocean Road to Warrnambool, and home through the gold country. It would be great to catch up!!
10/Jun/11 1:44 PM
I agree with you Gail Ella does look like her dad a few of their friends said she looked like her mum until Chelsea put up a photo of Geoff when he was 3yrs old next to one of Ella then they could see the likeness.
20/Jun/11 5:59 PM
Dear Gail, thank you for the birthday greetings, they are much appreciated (which translated means 'Taa bluddy bewdy mate'.
Your mention of a new toy excites the imagination - what's he done now? And of course you would be welcome.
02/Jul/11 6:07 AM
Thanks for the birthday message. I'm with Ian. Taa sport, it was a bluddy ripper!
11/Jul/11 8:02 AM
So glad you stopped by for a visit! Always wonderful to touch base with good friends. Hope all is well with you and those you love!
16/Jul/11 12:41 AM
for the wonderful b'day greeting Gail, my love! My birthday was extra special with all my Sudoku family greetings!
19/Jul/11 3:10 AM
Hello Gail - thanks for taking the time to visit my gallery and commenting on the cloud photo.
24/Jul/11 11:11 PM
Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. It was a wonderful day made even better with all the greetings of my Sudoku friends.
27/Jul/11 2:02 PM
Thanks for the advice Dear Gail. I promise to do what the doctors and nursies say - most of the time.
12/Aug/11 5:47 AM
Scott, enjoy your birthday in Adelaide.
14/Aug/11 12:25 AM
Hello Gail! Thank you for the birthday greetings.♥
15/Aug/11 3:18 AM
♥ Thanks Gail.
Unfortunately not at an end yet. Uncle in Sydney not too good...
18/Aug/11 11:51 PM
Hi Gail
I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but I have been in Adelaide on a Dog Judging Assignment. The other judges were great fun with three from the USA (Maryland), a married couple from New Zealand and a gay couple (male) from Holland. I was the token Australian. The More...
26/Aug/11 10:57 AM
♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to Chloe ♪♫♪
30/Aug/11 12:25 PM
Thanks for the invite Gail, but unfortunately I have something else on. Mum has just , today, had a knee operation, so she will be recouping at home. Liz
13/Sep/11 10:40 PM
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