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Hi, Gail! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hadn't planned to observe this one but, what the heck, it was an excuse to party! Cheers! Jane
17/Sep/11 12:17 PM
I'll put my name down for the early Christmas function thanks. Today's gathering at Bianchet Winery was an excellent way to spend Sunday lunchtime.
18/Sep/11 5:15 PM
Count me in... YUM!!
18/Sep/11 5:56 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope things go well for you.
19/Sep/11 5:01 AM
Hi Gail. When & where is Christmas gathering? Once I know details I will check my calendar & let you know.
22/Sep/11 9:30 AM
Hi Gail,
Yes I am still alive and well but very preoccupied with André who is not so well...doctors are still searching to find out what is the cause of the red cell going down all the time...making him anemic...He gets iron transfusion every month and also blood.
We had a good summer More...
23/Sep/11 12:18 PM
Sorry for delay getting back to you Gail, but I haven't had time to get here lately. The weekend for Christmas gathering doesn't us. Hope you have a fun day.
08/Oct/11 10:01 AM

Melbourne Christmas Gathering

All welcome

Sunday 20th November 12.30pm

Riverstone Winery
105 Skye Road,
Yarra Valley

RSVP drop a note on my page by 10/11

11/Oct/11 4:47 PM
RSVP.. I wish !!
11/Oct/11 7:23 PM
Gail, I'll be in New Zealand on November 20 when you're having your gathering, so I'll wave at you from across the waves. Hope you're well. I always like to check in and see what you're up to.
15/Oct/11 3:35 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes; it was a quiet day with a drink or two. I just hope the coming year slows down just a little bit.
24/Oct/11 1:33 PM
Gail, you got in under the wire! Thanks for the good wishes, and I'll have the pilot do a fly-over your place! I think you're having a celebration on Nov. 20-21? My late mom's birthday, so raise a glass! Cheers, good friend, and keep smiling.
05/Nov/11 1:14 AM
Hi Gail. Thanks for your nice compliments on the wedding. I noticed that you spelled Kylie the traditional Australian way. I did find that name in a book of popular names in Australia (they said it means boomerang!), but I decided to "Americanize" my version & make it end in More...
12/Nov/11 3:54 AM
Hi, this is your old male friend on Herself's computer.
Thank you for the English lesson. However, and I don't say this often, but you are wrong.
The word you used was 'bucholic', which actually means "An alcoholic Bee". It is recognised by the sound "Buzz Hic, Buzz, More...
21/Nov/11 11:02 AM
Hi there, Gail--I was closer than you think. We missed our connection from Vancouver to Auckland (storm in Calgary delayed our Toronto to Vancouver flight) so we were rerouted on a later plane to Sydney. In all, a thirty-three hour trip, but worth it!
30/Nov/11 3:24 AM
Hello Gail, I'm finally back and with a minute to spare, so thought I would let you know how pleased we were to catch up with you on the 12th. Dan has downloaded the pic to his computer, and as it is far beyond my technical powers to get it from there to here, he will eventually get around to it More...
30/Nov/11 2:05 PM
Thanks for your thoughts Gail. The op seems to have been successful and I am home again. I'll know more in the morning when I see the doc again to have the dressing removed.
08/Dec/11 3:24 PM
Hi Gail, I've had a wonderful day thanks for making it even better.
11/Dec/11 10:47 PM
Thanks Gail, your support is much appreciated
14/Dec/11 3:53 PM
Thank you for the birthday greetings Gail - I am so behind in my replies!!!!
22/Dec/11 8:54 PM
Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday and blessings the year More...
24/Dec/11 2:24 AM
Gail, have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy 2012!!
24/Dec/11 3:42 AM
Dear Gail, have a wonderful Christmas with good friends and family! Enjoy this special holiday season, and I wish you much good health and happpiness in the coming year.
24/Dec/11 4:29 AM
Hi Gail, Just dropped in to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope all is well with you and your family. All the best, Rena
24/Dec/11 4:55 AM

Wishing you and yours the best in the New Year
24/Dec/11 7:03 AM
Gail and family even if it's a wet one.
25/Dec/11 8:13 PM
Gail - he certainly thinks he is gorgeous!
12/Jan/12 2:10 PM
Hi Gail. Thanks for birthday wishes yesterday. Family all came for dinner& we had a relaxing meal together. Would seem the site is not as popular as when I first joined, but I guess like most things in life fads come & go. Facebook seems to have taken over, but I must confess although I More...
14/Jan/12 4:53 PM
Hi Gail, just getting back regarding facebook connection. Will leave for now & maybe down track when life is less hectic will touch base with you again. Many thanks Maureen
17/Jan/12 1:57 PM
To all Melbournites

We are being graced by the visit of not one, but TWO wonderful interstate Sudokuists, CynB/Qld and Tricia/Canberra.

In honour of their visit, we are having a gathering on
Sunday 11th March at
The Rose Hotel
309 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
(venue to be confirmed)

If you are interested in joining the throng, drop a line to my page by Feb 26th
01/Feb/12 10:06 PM
Hello Gail - thank you for visiting my page and leaving birthday greetings for me. It's been a wonderful day and it's always lovely to hear from so many sudoku friends.

14/Feb/12 12:01 AM
Hi Gail! Thanks very much for the birthday wishes!

Sorry I've been away for too long! I've been around recently but don't have much time for comments - also I always seem to be here when no one else is!!!
We knocked down the little old weekender on More...
27/Feb/12 12:20 PM
P's the excited one! I'm ambivalent!!!!
28/Feb/12 1:31 PM
Hey Gail, thanks for the birthday greetings! :)
Looking forward to seeing y'all in person very soon. :D
04/Mar/12 12:52 PM
Thank you, Gail! I needed that, between working all day then playing taxi service for my dad to visit her and then working at home, I'm exhausted. Dear friends like you are a million bucks!
15/Mar/12 1:02 PM
Oops! Sorry, meant worth a lot! Forgot the American colloquial phrase may not be understood!
15/Mar/12 1:05 PM
Hi Gail, and thank you so much for the birthday greetings. You helped make my day a little extra special. Cheers!
26/Mar/12 6:34 AM
Crystal and I listen to Jeff on your page.
02/Apr/12 6:04 AM
Hello Gail, and thank you very much for your kind wishes on my birthday, both here and on the other page. It was a lovely extended birthday, and I really appreciate the time you took to make it even more fun!!
We will be down your way again soon, as Dan's niece is getting married in May at a place call Marybrook in the Dandenongs, so I hope we can catch up again!! Cheers Bluey (Ngaire)
13/Apr/12 2:24 PM
Hi Gail! I just stopped in to wish you a very special day for your birthday. I hope it is a fun-filled day for you!
15/Apr/12 12:11 AM
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