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Sending big HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES your way MizT
Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate and eat cake
18/Jun/08 7:51 PM
Ohhh UP AND OVER, from the 'Land Down Under'
18/Jun/08 7:52 PM
dear MizTricia! I hope by the time you read this your lab tests will be done & you be enjoying your big mug of Kona coffee with some yummy sweet!! Have a wongerful day in Alabama! Hope it's sunny & beautiful - just like you!
18/Jun/08 11:44 PM
Hello MizTricia - a belated to you. I hope you have a wongerful day as it's still your birthday where you are.
19/Jun/08 12:42 AM
Miz T as I said on easy, I'm glad you are still celebration because it means I'm not too late to wish you the very best of happiness and continued on for many more years to come... Enjoy all that comes your way good lady! More...
19/Jun/08 4:24 AM
Tricia, Hope you are having some wonderful celebrations.
19/Jun/08 4:40 AM
MizTricia wish you wonderful day/days full of many good surprises, plenty of love and fun. It is your turn to be spoiled... Enjoy it all.. well you are at the beginning of a new year....(we need more avantar)
19/Jun/08 5:25 AM
avatar.... I'll see what I can do...about the avatar.
Have a good one!
19/Jun/08 5:32 AM
De Nada OR Your
19/Jun/08 9:33 AM
MizT - the cockatoo quilt was Best of Show at the Canberra Quilters' show last August. It may have gone on to win prizes at other shows. I know Helen has had quilts at Houston, and Paducah I think.
19/Jun/08 10:02 AM
19/Jun/08 10:04 AM
And these are for tomorrow!
19/Jun/08 10:06 AM
Hello MizTricia - I see I missed your birthday! We have been having problems with our phone. (It has been completely dead for 5 days.!.) No Internet. Anyway - Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was a great Birthday.
19/Jun/08 10:39 AM
MizT, hope you've had a great day and got the pressie you wanted.
19/Jun/08 3:31 PM
Happy, happy birthday, hope it was enjoyable and that the celebrations are continuing over the weekend xx
20/Jun/08 9:07 PM
Tricia, when it comes to bubbly, there are not many facts that I forget...and knowing who doesn't need to share with me is a great fact!!!
Love you mate,
21/Jun/08 3:22 PM
This is a LATE happy birthday message - I missed it, cos I wasn't on for 2 weeks. Hope you had a fantastic day with lots of love, laughter and chocolate. , Martha
21/Jun/08 7:33 PM
To all my Sudoku friends: It has taken some time to re read all the loverly messages and respond to them. I think I shall feel a bit sad this task is now finished!

Thanks so much for visiting my page and leaving such a nice birthday More...
21/Jun/08 9:41 PM
If it took you 3 days, you must have had a lot of messages - by the way, where are the domes?
21/Jun/08 10:41 PM
Thank you, MizTricia, for my birthday wishes. I have had a nice few days as my youngest son was home for the weekend for the Baptism of my youngest granddaughter today. He is the Godfather. My daughter-in-law put on a nice party for my beautiful granddaughter but sadly my son has to fly back to Sydney this evening.
22/Jun/08 3:59 PM
Wow, thanks for that information about your domes - really interesting. What does he make them out of? They really are so attractive, shapewise (I love maths).
22/Jun/08 5:15 PM
That certainly was/is a very rich chocolate cake with strawberries on top!. The recipe is in the cookbook!
23/Jun/08 10:42 AM
Kate, I will have to stick with the cyber cake for now! it did look delish though! We had 2 birthday cakes here, and even freezing most of one for later, well, just too much cake! Wish real ones were as calorie free as the virtual ones!

I will look up the recipe and drool over the page though. Two of my favorite things, Strawberries and chocolate.

23/Jun/08 11:32 AM
Not sure MizT - a cup of coffee? a chocolate? ROFL
23/Jun/08 9:35 PM
Oh No! I missed your birthday!
Let me try and make up for it:

No that doesn't really do it

Many good wishes Tricia - I hope it was fab!
24/Jun/08 4:07 AM
Hi MizTricia, my son lives in Sydney which is about 400 klms south-east from Dubbo. It takes one hour to fly here from Sydney and about five or six hours to drive.
25/Jun/08 11:14 AM
oh, I'd love a coffee chocolate! Yum!
25/Jun/08 8:50 PM
ahhh, now that is what we call mocha - yummy :)
25/Jun/08 10:07 PM
Hi MizTricia, thanks for visiting my page again. You asked me about the cost of the flight between Dubbo and Sydney - It is $147.00 Aus which is about $141.22 US but sometime all the cheep seats are gone and you have to pay about $350.00 ($336.24 US). The plane is a twin turbo pro and takes More...
28/Jun/08 10:46 AM
Thank you for the "welcome". And yes I really am Debby's daughter
29/Jun/08 11:29 PM
Hi MizTricia, thank you for your birthday thoughts, it doesn't matter that they were a little late - if you look carefully you will see that my acknowledgement is also a little late. I have been busy lately - can't remember what I was doing but I have been busy doing it. Senility is an option.
Anyhow, thank you for thinking of me, it is much appreciated.
05/Jul/08 6:34 AM
Hi MizTricia
Yes I am taking pain pills. lol
Just the normal old panadol, four hourly for a couple of days.
I am a person who is always on the go but am trying to be good and not do too much.
Thank you for your thoughts.
15/Jul/08 4:27 PM
Hi MizT! Haven't talked to you in a while. Hope all of the medical tests are going smoothly and your finger feels better soon! Take care!
17/Jul/08 1:13 AM
Hey MizTricia1, I'm gonna try your steak and pineapple casserole. Wish me luck! I'm not a cook!
21/Jul/08 1:49 PM
Hey MizT... maybe you can now help me!!! I need an avatar (never heard of that before!!!)
21/Jul/08 1:55 PM
Hi MizT, I have been around but busy. Thanks for thinking of me. Longer answer on the personal message. Remember, scroll down to the bottom.
24/Jul/08 3:13 AM
Tricia, for the Happy Birthday Wishes for my #2 son Stephen last Saturday.
We had a family dinner, birthday boy chose the Menu.
Dutch Soup, Garlic Bread, Lasange and Salad, Apple and Rhurbarb Crumble with Custard and Cream.
25/Jul/08 12:41 PM
Hi MizT - I was so touched by your message that I am missed on SA5. I have been feeling guilty that I haven't made it there in weeks. Will post an explanatory message there now and hope to be back in full swing soon. Thanks.
27/Jul/08 11:05 AM
I do theoretical chemistry for the most part, with a bit of spectroscopy as well.

I am working at an institute near Xinhua University.

It is quite amazing to be here. I have had many intersting discussions.
30/Jul/08 10:50 AM
dear miztricia

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am sorry I am so slow getting back to you, but I haven't been on sudoku for a very long time. from Ally
01/Aug/08 12:45 PM
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