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 Welcome to my page




Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Hi Plum,

Just dropping in to send Easter blessings

just paste this into your broser and open the card

Regards Fi
12/Apr/09 11:23 PM
Actually if you paste the link into your BROWSER you'll do better. :)
12/Apr/09 11:24 PM
Hi Plum... a few Easter goodies for you
Thanks for popping by... I love this egg avatar as well...I'll be sorry to pack it away until next year.
Hope you are having a wonderful easter... Ciao for now.
13/Apr/09 10:55 AM
BTW Plum...I obviously haven't dropped by since Christmas...I had no idea about your JA blog...I am really looking forward to coming back and reading the last few pages of posts. [don't have time at the moment] I am a big fan... love to immerse myself in the books.
The BBC produced a wonderful More...
13/Apr/09 11:08 AM
Thanks so much for the Birthday greetings, Spring has finally arrived here and I am enjoying hiking in the Morton Arboretum - the spring flowers are in bloom. Take care, Mary there is a show on More...
19/Apr/09 7:11 AM
Hi Plum:
By the way, I love your avatar. Very appropriate.
This is to answer your enquiry about meeting QE2.
I was not joking. I met the Queen that day (I think it was 20th April 1972 (+/- 1-year). Anyway it was when she opened the James Cook University in Queensland where I was a research More...
21/Apr/09 11:53 PM
Dear sweet Plum, thank you so much for your concern. To put your mind at easy. Everything is just fine here. My room is clean because it is the only room in my house that I can clean. I do generally, keep posts up for a month, but most of them were from Jill when we were have email problems. We More...
23/Apr/09 2:46 AM
Plum, What is your receipe for scones? I'm careful about my carbohydrate intake because I'm prediabetic, so I "save" my carbs for something special and scones sure are special.
24/Apr/09 1:51 AM
Hi, Plum:
for your kind words and prayers for my mom.
25/Apr/09 12:50 AM
Dear Plum.
My best wishes to have a very special Birthday.


With all my best wishes to you.
29/Apr/09 12:33 AM
Happy Birthday Plum Hope you have a very nice day and a Very good year. I use to take my children to Tea with Mrs. Larry Niven (Fuzzy Pink) See my page for the costumes we wore.
29/Apr/09 12:36 AM
What a beautiful time of year for a birthday! New life coming up all over, reminding you of the wonderful things in life.
Hope your special day is filled with happy surprises!
29/Apr/09 12:37 AM
Plum! I hope this is the start of the best year of your life! More...
29/Apr/09 12:40 AM
Happy Birthday Plum. Enjoy your very special day. We are practically birthday twins, I am the 27th.

29/Apr/09 1:07 AM
Happy 2 day Sudoku Birthday celebration
Here is a Birthday song for you to enjoy ...
29/Apr/09 1:08 AM
, Plum! You aren't getting old ... having a young child is going to keep that from happening! May many blessings come your way.
29/Apr/09 1:25 AM
I've brought two cakes for your two day celebration!

Oh, what the heck! Have some cookies and ice cream, too!
29/Apr/09 1:34 AM
Happy Birthday, Plum. Enjoy your special day!
29/Apr/09 1:59 AM



Hope you day is filled with and
29/Apr/09 2:15 AM
Happy birthday to you Plum - a fellow Taurean, hope you are having a marvelous day, surrounded by family and friends and having the time of your life!

Take care and be well,
Aimee :)
29/Apr/09 2:22 AM
Happy Plum Day!!!! Hope you have a lovely birthday x
29/Apr/09 2:39 AM
Nappy birthday Plum! I hope you have a wonderful two-day birthday, and I really hope you have many, many more years before (or if ever) you start calling yourself Prune!
29/Apr/09 2:50 AM
Plum, I like my idea best! and you MUST celebrate with gusto--that's an order. Enjoy this special day with people you love.
29/Apr/09 4:36 AM
May I wish you a very Happy Birthday Plum, surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy.
29/Apr/09 5:50 AM
Hello Plum - to you! (Early) I hope you have a wonderful day. I have left a bouquet of flowers for you on your table.
29/Apr/09 6:48 AM
My best wishes go to you for a great birthday.Enjoy your 2 days of celebrating.
29/Apr/09 7:07 AM
slowy getting to be spring here, but the weather is like a roller coaster. I hope you are More...
29/Apr/09 8:03 AM
Plum. I hope you have a great day filled with family, friends, fun and food!!
29/Apr/09 8:53 AM

Hope you have a great day.

29/Apr/09 9:22 AM
Plum. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends and that the coming year is full of love, friendship, good health and happiness.
29/Apr/09 10:23 AM
Hi Plum - just dropping by to wish you a very happy 2-day Sudoku birthday doing just what you would like to do. Have fun - enjoy!
29/Apr/09 10:43 AM
Enjoy your special day. Wishing you peace, health & happiness today & through out the year.
29/Apr/09 12:08 PM
Happy Birthday and many more of them!
I always enjoy your comments.
29/Apr/09 12:44 PM
Plum, hope your day is filled with family, friends and laughter.
29/Apr/09 1:44 PM
Hope you have a really great birthday & enjoy all the pressies you get from your Sudoko friends.
29/Apr/09 6:05 PM
Have a wonderful, happy birthday Plum. I hope the celebrations and candle blowing out are the order of the day. Have fun xx
29/Apr/09 6:36 PM
Plum, a very to you.

May this day bring all you desire.

29/Apr/09 9:16 PM
Plum! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter and shared with family and friends!
29/Apr/09 9:50 PM
I stopped in to thank you for your wishes and prayers -- when I went to check on something and didn't send my message - came back and it was gone -- puff, right in thin air LOL. Always learning on the computer - anyway, I did find my papers - right there I thought they should be - my house is an More...
30/Apr/09 9:17 AM
Thank you for the anniversary wishes, Plum!
We had a wonderful celebration day filled with friends and family. A day to treasure with my wonderful hubby! As I told our guests when cutting our cake, "You all enriched our lives at one time or another during our marriage."
05/May/09 6:43 AM
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